HOLTON: Red China And The Wuhan Virus Pandemic, Part 1

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a five-part series examining the role of the communist government of China in spreading, and preventing a successful containment, of the Wuhan coronavirus. Parts 2 through 5 will appear each day for the rest of the week.

PREFACE: Red China’s propaganda machine is formidable and is unfortunately often aided by Western, even American, media. That machine has been put into full mobilization during this pandemic. Most Americans aren’t exposed to the raw data put out by the Red Chinese. The Center for Security Policy’s Dr. J. Michael Waller is maintaining an ongoing tracker of Chinese communist party propaganda. It can be accessed at CommunistPropaganda.com…or at:


The past month is without precedent in the United States. Our way of life, our society, our culture, our economy and our liberty have all to varying degrees been brought to a screeching halt by a pandemic resulting from a virus originating in Wuhan, China.

And, unless you are in complete denial, the overwhelming substantial evidence indicates that this virus came from Communist China due to neglect, incompetence or belligerence—or perhaps due to a combination of all three.

The Wuhan virus may have erupted by mistake, but the subsequent cover-up on the part of the Red Chinese government to conceal the truth about the nature and spread of the virus, first from the innocent Chinese citizenry and then the rest of the world, can only be described as nefarious.

So as you look out on the once-bustling streets across the United States that are now deserted, as you sit in your home self-isolating to prevent the spread of the virus rather than going about the business of your daily lives, as you watch the slick, high-tech 24/7 news networks covering the pandemic incessantly as if it was a major sporting event, as you think about our church pews standing empty every Sunday so that people can avoid each other, understand one thing: Red China did this:

Beijing played down the threat from the virus, allowed large public gatherings, and failed to restrict travel from Wuhan Province until January 23. Chinese officials lied to the international community about the seriousness of the virus in Wuhan for weeks and refused to cooperate with international health officials. There also are reports that China pressured the World Health Organization to play down the seriousness of the virus in January.”—Fred Fleitz, President and CEO, Center for Security Policy

We can argue over whether the response to the pandemic on the federal, state and local level has been proper and effective, that’s fine, but we must not lose sight of the fact that, were it not for Xi Jinping’s communist regime in Beijing, none of this would be happening. NONE. OF. IT.

After conducting an investigation, even the New York Times concluded that the Chinese communist party is responsible for the global pandemic.

If China was not ruled by a paranoid, oppressive, totalitarian communist regime that cares almost as little about its own people as it does about the rest of the world, thousands of Americans who have died would be alive today and our economy, which was literally roaring 3 months ago, wouldn’t be in depression depths.

Some will say that I am scapegoating the Chinese.

That’s wrong on two levels:

  1. This has nothing to do with the Chinese people, who are no doubt as victimized by the Wuhan virus as the rest of the world. It has everything to do with the oligarchy that runs China: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  2. It’s not scapegoating because when you look at the available evidence, as we will cite in this multi-part report, you will see that, in fact, Red China is to blame.

By the way, make no mistake, this virus should properly be called the Wuhan virus because that is where it started. It has nothing to do with racism any more than naming the Spanish flu did a century ago. Ironically, some of those pundits who are now critical of the use of terms like Wuhan Virus, China Virus and the like, had no problem using such terms themselves…until the Chinese communist party began airing objections and calling such terms “racist.Even official Chinese communist media were at one time referring to the virus as the “Wuhan Virus.”

But the story of how the Wuhan virus came to cripple the entire civilized world starts a long time before the last few months and there are a lot more aspects to this whole situation than meet the eye. Most importantly, how the United States responds to the Wuhan virus pandemic in the long-run will determine our future as a superpower, the leader of the free world and our very liberty.

America and the Free World will get through the Wuhan virus pandemic. But when we do we must not forget how all this started and what contributed to the panic. Communist China must be held accountable for the genesis of this virus as well as the lies and cover up that contributed to international confusion and panic. Red China is not our friend. Red China is not our business partner. Red China is the last huge outpost of a failed totalitarian system that has brought untold misery to the world—Communism.

What the communist party in Beijing has created over the past 30 years is a very wealthy but still hostile, communist oligarchy in China. They have spent much of their new wealth building a modern military machine aimed squarely at America.

As long the communists remain in power America must uncouple itself from China: No more dependence on China for our pharmaceuticals; No more dependence on China as a supply chain source.

Some will no doubt claim that decoupling from Red China is unrealistic, perhaps impossible and, to their way of thinking, undesirable. That is all nonsense.

“Every day this pandemic persists, and long after it is neutralized, we must remember the CCP bears by far the greatest responsibility of any party for this pandemic. If the CCP is not made to pay in a meaningful sense for the global catastrophe it caused, it will continue to act with impunity in its quest for hegemony, guaranteed.

This pandemic should represent the most tangible sign yet for all of America that we must decouple from communist China in every strategically significant sector. We cannot put our survival in the hands of a hostile adversary.” Ben Weingarten, The Federalist

Thirty seven years ago, on March 8, 1983, in a speech before the National Association of Evangelicals, President Ronald Reagan labeled the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.”

When asked what he hoped to achieve in the Cold War with the Soviet Union, President Reagan stated the objective clearly and simply: “Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: We win; they lose.”

Red China is every bit as evil an empire as the Soviet Union was. It’s time to wake up America.

It’s time for a similar clear objective to deal with Red China. That may mean that some morally and patriotically ambiguous titans of Silicon Valley might not make as much money as they had planned thanks to the use of communist slave labor, but our children will be safer in the long run.

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