Lakeview couple dress up hens for fun, not just during quarantine [video]

Brianne Whelan of Lakeview, Louisiana, makes Greek yogurt parfaits for her four hens, which includes banana, chia seeds and assorted berries. Sometimes she dresses them up with bow ties and ballerina tutus. They also live in a coop designed like a Cape Cod cottage.

From “The birds have private roosting boxes inside, overlooking a spacious living room. There’s art on the walls. Outside, the coop is festooned with pink and white artificial flowers, like a wedding cake.”

She also bathes and blow dries her special birds:

Whelan currently has five palm-sized chicks as well as her adult hens. She told that she’s been lookin on Amazon to buy a stroller– for her birds.

“I’m looking at this little stroller to take the chickens for a walk around the neighborhood,” she said.

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