PERRICONE: Communism Is A Bigger Threat Than COVID-19

Those who know me and know my background,know that I am stridently opposed to communism. I have studied the movement nearly all my adult life, for our American freedom and existence depends upon a robust defense opposing any attempt to flotsam our nation with a flood of communistic ideas, gift wrapped in socialism.

Today, May 27, 2020, most Americans are still asleep, but now some are stirring from their self-indulgence wrought by their prosperity. The COVID-19 Virus might be what Americans need to have shaken them from their somnolence, for today, we are being threatened by the forces of communism more than ever before. The Cuban missile crisis doesn’t come close, for the enemy was not on our shores, at least not in numbers we have today.

Yes, they are here. In fact, we elected one as President and he thought he and his movement would establish a New World Order on the soil of the most powerful nation on earth. One only has to study Obama’s bio to see he is communist and racist of the worse kind. But he hit a solid brick wall in his attempts to collie American sheep into his communist pen. That wall was Donald John Trump.

After Trump’s inauguration, the Communist, masquerading as Democrats, did every thing they could dissolve his presidency and the American vote. Their Sol Alinsky acolyte, Hillary Clinton, did not win and shocked the Communist to their core. They, therefore, unleashed every weapon against the Trump administration and bastardized our laws to fit their agenda. False claims of Russian collusion, false claims of Ukrainian corruption, and now a virulent virus launched by their friends, the Communist Party of China.

Make no mistake or suffer under any delusion; we are at war. Though the smell of cordite has not filled the air, America has been assaulted by an ideology and virus designed to disrupt our most sacred democrat process–our national vote this November.

And look who the Communist/Democrats proffer as their candidate–an inanimate fossil from the last century being controlled by the DNC, like a wooden marionette. And the news media is propping him up with all kinds of embalming fluid, to create the illusion that Biden is alive.

Can America tolerate another four or eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and his surrogates? NO!

Examine Obama’s words with that of Karl Marx. Do you see the underlying message common to both men? Do you see a pattern conceived in the 18th Century and now midwifed by the Democrats in the 21st Century? Are you awake,now?

As I write this, the media is acting like the get-away drivers for this Communist raid on America. We the People and Donald Trump are the only thing that stands in their way. It’s time we accept the world we live in today and be willing to fight for the one we want to live in tomorrow.

Stay vigilant. Teach your children, well.
Thank you.

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