APPEL: We Haven’t Heard From Real America Yet, But We Will

Well they have had their say. As we all saw the radicals that are the American Left, the new driving force of the Democratic Party, used a tragic incident to unleash in real time their pent-up rage against all that is America. They saw, and they took advantage of, an opportunity that they have been waiting for to create anarchy to overthrow American society.

And all Americans got to see the impotency of the Left-wing ruling class on full display, as progressive governor after progressive governor and progressive mayor after progressive mayor (perhaps with the exception of the Atlanta mayor) dithered as their liberal ideology failed in dramatic fashion to address the fundamental needs of their state, of their city. That is that government’s first role is the safety and security of people and property under their charge. One after another, these leaders appeared before TV cameras begging rioters to behave, as if those in streets thought for one minute that they would really do anything to stop the mayhem.

And we, the American people, watched in disgust as the mob unexpectedly destroyed not only symbols of capitalism, but also icons of traditional liberal institutions. The Lincoln Memorial, CNN, union buildings…. all trashed or burned with no obvious respect for the traditional liberal principals that they stood for.

No, these were not ordinary riots; these were attacks against the very heart of America’s soul. These were the opening salvos of an effort to destroy traditional America and replace it with a dreamed-of Socialist Nirvana. No other conclusion could be drawn from the targets of the attacks.

Perhaps it is ironic that far left radicals have, in a short time, done irreparable harm to the promise of those progressive policies that were promoted as fair and equitable. What more evidence do Americans need of the emptiness of progressiveness than when in prime time the America public watched the Minneapolis police abandon their own precinct building to the mob. Americans do not run from a fight, and leaders who refuse to reinforce American heroes under siege and then order them to turn tale and run deserve the ire of all Americans.


But very soon it will be the turn of the great American middle class to be heard. Through their vote, the silent majority will cast judgement in what will be a referendum on the direction of the nation. If history is to be believed, much like in 1968, it will be the time for the people to reject the fallacy of proffering more progressive policies in exchange for peace in the streets. It will the time that the people reject the notion that the answer to mayhem is appeasement, a time to unseat leaders who contrary to the best interests of the people lend credibility to and negotiate with those who are not doing so in good faith. The political life expectancy will be short for leaders who profess that the insurrection that the American people saw with their own eyes was simply just a reaction to long standing social injustices.

The American people of all races and backgrounds will rise in their righteous indignation and WE will have the final say. That is why, despite the weakness of Progressive polices and leaders, the Leftist revolutionaries and the looters have no chance. America’s Middle Class will prevail because America is a fair and united nation in which the people rule, not the thugs in the streets or their allies in positions of leadership.



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