BATISTE: Andrew Jackson Is The Hero Of New Orleans

Domestic terrorists plan to gather in Jackson Square Friday and much of the talk centers around ripping down the Andrew Jackson monument. As part of their seven-day plan, the communists behind the local protests have their front groups such as Take Em Down NOLA, New Orleans Workers Group, The People’s Assembly, and they unite as Antifa under the cover of Black Lives Matter.

These protests are large public displays of white guilt with white people making themselves feel better. This column has said it before about this monument and these protesters. This movement to remove statues is the physical stage of white guilt. It began as emotions. White people embarrassed over past history. Now, they’re trying to cleanse their fragile minds by stripping away any and all symbols of American-European heritage. White guilt evolved into “Virtue Signaling.” That’s expressing moral values primarily with the intent of enhancing standing within a social group, in this case the black community. This is an outward attempt to compensate for personal insecurity.

The target of Andrew Jackson reveals how agenda-driven the anarchists are. The idiots behind the previous historic monument removals was driven by the talking point of: “you have to look at the intention of erecting the monument in the first place.” Implying that the widows, orphans, and Southern veterans had the monuments erected in the name of white supremacy which is a flat out lie. Neither Mitch Landrieu, nor Take Em Down NOLA, nor the City Council clowns, nor the local Fake News have ever provided documentation of racial intentions for the erection of Lee Circle, Jefferson Davis, or G.T. Beauregard.

Apply the “intention” narrative as to why New Orleans built a monument to Andrew Jackson. As a United States Brevet Major General, Andy Jackson successfully defended New Orleans from an British army on January 8, 1815, as part of the War of 1812. Smaller skirmishes and battles occurred leading up to January 8th, but on that day General Jackson, outnumbered, started the “Defend New Orleans” movement with a victory over Major General Sir Edward Pakenham and his army.

Jackson instantly became the hero of New Orleans. Jackson and his army returned from Chalmette to the Place d’Armes. A celebration was held and a triumphal arch was erected like times of old. Unfortunately, the Battle of New Orleans Arc was temporary.


In 1840, 25 years after the battle, Andrew Jackson himself laid the cornerstone for the base of the monument. It was erected in 1856 and is New Orleans’ oldest existing public monument. The Andrew Jackson equestrian monument was erected to honor Ol Hickory’s heroic defense of New Orleans. Place d’Armes was renamed Jackson Square. The Square and monument with the St. Louis Cathedral as a backdrop provide the most iconic view of New Orleans.

These Antifa people want to tear the Andrew Jackson monument down for his treatment of Indians when he was President of the U.S. and because Jackson owned slaves as a planter. Those reasons have nothing to do with the New Orleans monument. Andrew Jackson is THE hero of New Orleans. He is the only one. If there is a second hero of New Orleans, it is Drew Brees. Yes, he won a Super Bowl and has been so great to the city of New Orleans that we truly do not deserve Brees. Back to the desire to tear down the monument of New Orleans’ hero. Their argument lacks logic and reason. It does not fit here: General Jackson literally saved New Orleans. It demonstrates that once again the Democrats and Alt Left will manipulate any narrative to fit their warped minds.

Andrew Jackson defended New Orleans from an invading foreign army. In 2020, New Orleans once again has an army of foreigners and transplants and out of town “protesters” who want to overthrow the Crescent City. The irony should be lost on no one that the defender of New Orleans needs to be defended. Police, military, and locals cannot let them take down the hero Andrew Jackson.



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