BATISTE: It’s 1984 All Over Again In New Orleans

New Orleans elected officials, in an effort to ride a nationwide wave of extreme leftism, are embarking on a course with similarities to the most troubling portions of the French Revolution.

The City Council, with the support of mayor LaToya Cantrell, will introduce a motion to establish the “City Street Renaming Commission” at the June 18 Council Meeting. The nine-person, politically-appointed committee will target streets and parks “that honor white supremacists” and have them removed. This means lots of paperwork for business and residences along the streets that will have names changed.

Wikipedia describes white supremacy as the racist belief that white people are superior to people of other races and therefore should be dominant over them.

Take Em Down NOLA created a list of names in 2017 that they claimed “psychologically terrorize” them and demanded the city change those names. This new 2020 commission is expected to be a government-run application of that extremist agenda.

This city approach will not likely be intellectual or fact-based. The committee should have to provide actual evidence that the name in question was a white supremacist. The previous Council never provided any documentation to support claims of racism against the four monuments removed in 2017.

Fighting for “the Confederacy” does not make a person a white supremacist. It proves that the individual opposed the invasion of their home state and took up arms to defend their lives from what they saw as a tyrannical president in Abraham Lincoln. They did not want more government control over their liberties with military action forcing that change.

The process cannot take a blanket, across the board, methodology. The City Street Renaming Commission needs to review, merit, and vote on the names case by case. The commission will need actual proof that the person advocated for the white race over the black race. The fact is that most of the names on Take Em Down’s list are individuals who made an impact in people’s lives. If a government removes the name of a philanthropist or benefactor, it should return the funds to the person’s living family members.

Diversity is not achieved when only black people are recognized. Diversity is not removing names of white people. Diversity means variety or “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements” or the inclusion of people with multiple ethnic backgrounds. But diversity is not the city’s goal. The Left wants at the mildest to silence its opposition, and at the extreme to destroy the opposition.

This commission is not expected to address black slave owners in New Orleans. And the Moon Walk will not likely land on the review list despite the Landrieu family’s white supremacist views in which they long concealed their black ancestry in favor of their white ancestry.

The New Orleans City Council’s Renaming Commission is scarily reminiscent of some of the ideologies behind “The Committee of Public Safety” created in 1793 by France during the French Revolution. The Committee of Public Safety spawned the Reign of Terror which resulted in the murder of 16,500 people. If this comparison sounds like a big stretch over an extreme gap, at Take Em Down’s Jackson Square protest on Friday, June 5, someone brought out a guillotine.

The absolutist rhetoric and actions of the Alt Left in America sound like the French Committee of Public Safety, but without government support, yet.


The French revolutionaries passed a 1794 law which was used to bring French people to trial for “slandering patriotism,” “seeking to inspire discouragement,” “spreading false news,” and “depraving morals, corrupting the public conscience and impairing the purity and energy of the revolutionary government.” The law prevented legal defense counsel for the accused and did not allow witnesses to be called. And only two possible outcomes existed: acquittal or death.

The slippery slope is indeed real. This extreme Marxist direction started with “Confederate“ monuments. They desecrate graves, they topple war memorials, and they’re attacking the founders of this country. They vandalized a native American monument in Denver as well as the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. These people have even vandalized a memorial to the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, the first United States Army volunteer regiment of African-Americans and the same group who fought for unionization during the War Between the States. They vandalized a monument to black soldiers who fought Confederates!

Their madness has no boundaries. It started as an attack against “racist“ monuments. It’s turning into attacks on people alleged to be “racist.” When an activist labels an American as a racist, true or false, it costs their employment, friends, family, and immediately limits their opportunity in America. First it was Confederate monuments, now street names and parks. Next it will be individuals. The Alt Left’s movement is absolute. They want everyone—white, black, Hispanic, Asian—to apologize and be subservient to their cause, or be silenced.

The future of New Orleans is bleak. These changes will have zero impact on the crime ridden parts of the city. These changes will not alter any course of an individual for the positive. That lies within each person to take personal accountability for their actions. The Left’s constant blame-game sustains the Democrat Plantation’s never-improving circumstances which allows them to control minorities with utopic delusion that is not attainable.

City politicians’ plans to alter the 300 year history of the Crescent City is the ultimate revisionist crusade. The emotion based concept to rewrite history, not as it happened, but by manipulating and substituting facts with ideas, will continue the once great city on its downward spiral, racing against other Democrat run cities to reach rock bottom.

This is George Orwell’s 1984 come to life: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”



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