GURVICH: The Republican Party Is The Only Way Out Of This Mess

Despite three months of lock-down and quarantine, July will shortly arrive to find the American people still beset by a pandemic, economic dislocation, nationwide protests and riots, and rising international threats. Moreover, the opening salvoes are being fired in what promises to be the most contentious and divisive presidential campaign in recent American history, significantly adding to our existing national malaise.

While the past ninety days have certainly challenged us in unique ways, even the most cursory examination of our history reveals that our nation has seen worse, in fact far worse. The American people have always overcome these difficulties and prevailed in the end. Now that is not to say that we will always and inevitably conquer every adversity- our successes have never been automatic. But the innate self-confidence, hard work ethic, and love of country which the majority of our citizens still possess, will see us through the present crises.

But politics at the national level is a battle involving tens of millions of people working together to achieve a common goal. Our ultimate victory in this fight depends on the success of the one American political party with a noble and untarnished history, grounded in the ideals of liberty and justice, and possessing the organizational strength necessary to defeat Progressivism and its mentors, Marxism and Anarchism. That party is, of course, the Republican Party, founded in 1854 with the specific goal of ending slavery in America. Never forget that fact, and be proud of who we are.

So the responsibility for leading the country out of the present political, moral, and economic chaos must necessarily fall on us as Republicans. There is no other major political party with the means or even the will to do so. That other major party is so mired in national self-doubt and moral contradictions of its own making as to be not only incapable of healing the country, but largely responsible for dividing it in the first place!

Our victory in 2020 is not about a few hundred federal judgeships or even a trillion dollars in the national budget going here instead of there. No, we are fighting for the very survival of the core foundational beliefs upon which our country was founded and upon which our national strength and economic prosperity are based. The issues before us are truly momentous, the political battle lines are drawn, and it is our duty as activists to carry our banner proudly and lead the charge.

All fine and well, you may say, but we already vote for Republican candidates and support conservative causes. Yes, and thank God for your support. But as leaders and activists we also have the responsibility for organizing and coordinating our political efforts and for building our party! 


There are currently about 946,000 registered Republicans in Louisiana. We can reach the one million mark by Election Day if we each commit to making five phone calls or personal contacts with friends whom we know are conservative minded but who aren’t yet registered Republicans. In rough numbers we think there are about 200,000 Democrats and twice that many independents who can be persuaded to become Republicans.

All that most people need to do to make a change in party affiliation is to click on and then click on Register to Vote. Follow the instructions to register to vote for the first time or to change your party registration- there are multiple different ways to do this, but doing it on-line is the quickest and easiest.

Remind the folks you contact that the Republican Party stands for a proud and free America, and against mob rule and chaos. We understand the need for reopening our economy so that our citizens can earn a living, and we believe in standing up to foreign powers who wish us ill. Now that ought to do the trick.

Best of luck!

Republican Party of Louisiana



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