Announcing The Pre-Launch Of The Hayride 2020 App!

We’re happy to announce that we’re now taking pre-orders for the Hayride 2020 app, which won’t go fully live until August 1.

There’s a reason for it, which is that we want you to help us trick out the signature piece to the app – namely, The Speakeasy, which will be our insider forum in which you’ll be able to find lots of juicy items which are either too hot or otherwise not ready for Hayride publication, fun discussions and other ways to pass the time.

The Speakeasy won’t be like Facebook or Twitter, where the slightest bit of politically incorrect speech can get you punished like a child. We anticipate it will be an old-school, eyeballs-and-sawdust-on-the-floor kind of place where feelings will undoubtedly be hurt and information and thought will undoubtedly be shared.


The Speakeasy is only part of the Hayride 2020 app. When it’s fully loaded up and ready to go you’ll be able to get Hayride content ad-free through the app, which many of you have told us is a godsend, and we’re also building a podcast network to give our subscribers premium multimedia content you can’t get anywhere else.

All this will cost you just $2.99 a month.

Actually, it’s even cheaper than that. Take a six-month subscription and it’s only $14.99, which is one month free.

Or take a yearly subscription, and it’s only $29.99, which is two months free.

What a deal, right? Here’s your opportunity to jump in today!




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