Not To Attack Anyone Who’s Calling For Prayer, But…

…yesterday in his press conference, John Bel Edwards joined in with several Catholic priests in calling for a “three-day fast” and prayer from July 20-22 in recognition of the COVID-19 virus and its victims.

In a press conference on Thursday, Louisiana’s Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards called for three days of fasting and praying during lunchtime from July 20 to 22.

“I know it’s a little bit unusual,” Edwards said. “This will be a spiritual diet and exercise that I, as a Catholic Christian, believe is very important anyway.”

He said the prayers are intended for the people of Louisiana, the sick, caretakers and the families of those who have passed on. The idea arose from a telephone conference he had last week with religious leaders from across the state of Louisiana—Edwards said he hosts such a call every three weeks.

Edwards invited all state residents to take part, regardless of their religious faith. Many religions—including the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths—use prayer and fasting in rituals that emphasize community observance.

The prayer piece is fine. But the fasting piece maybe could have been re-thought. From a friend with a fairly strong connection to the service industry…

Reeeaaalllly got to hand it to JBE this time…now he’s using religion in an attempt to hurt business. He recommends 3 days of fasting and prayer during lunch next week. So, after extending Phase I, extending Phase II, and no end in sight to the restrictions, JBE wants to further punish the restaurant industry by canceling 3 days of lunch business. He suggests prayer. Well trust me on this governor, all the workers that count on the service industry to make a living are already praying…they’re praying they can keep their lights on and their families fed. You are NOT helping.

How is this not a huge story? This has nothing to do with science. This is a politician pushing his religious beliefs in an effort to hurt business even further!

Of all the tiny microaggressions that people go nuts over, I can’t believe this one didn’t blow up.

He’s got a point.

After everything Edwards has done, now he’s telling people not to eat the one meal which is most likely to be consumed at a restaurant, after he’s savaged the restaurant industry since March.


It isn’t outrageous to call that a bit insensitive.

We wouldn’t be opposed to this three-day lunch fasting as a gesture, but as a matter of PR it’s a classic case of what not to do. It signals something people already know – namely, that John Bel Edwards doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the private sector or small business.

And when some enterprising lawyer with a business – perhaps a bar or restaurant – as a client sues the state for Edwards’ mask mandate, as they will certainly do, it will be no surprise to see a reference to the three-day lunch fast as evidence of his wanton disregard for business survival.



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