One Man’s Testimonial On COVID-19, Part 2

Since the social media giants and the mainstream media are so insistent on controlling the narrative of COVID-19 and since our leaders, with the possible exception of President Trump, simply do not want to talk about how to treat a virus which obviously is going to spread throughout the country until we reach herd immunity, we’ve decided to share individual testimonies from people who have had the virus and beaten it so that our readers might have some idea what to expect and what to do in the, sadly, likely event they contract it.

As we know, most people – and particularly most people under 55 without any major other health problems, will experience only mild symptoms of the virus, if any, should they contract it. But others can become very ill with COVID-19. What is unnerving is the seeming unwillingness of the medical community to aggressively treat the disease, as you’ll read below…

“My name is Ted Kline. I am a 48yr old white male. My wife and I went to visit our grown daughter and husband in Houston Tx over the 4th of July weekend. The following Monday after, all of us started feeling poorly. Scratchy throat and fatigue at first. Full body ached like the flu. Head ache, bad ear aches, pain around kidneys, no energy, scratchy throat. No problems in the chest yet. My wife and I both went Thursday, July 9th, and got tested for Covid-19. They gave me no prescription and told me to take Zyrtec D and Tylenol. Test results will be in 2-3 days.

I got worse by Friday night.

By Saturday I was having trouble breathing and getting nauseated just by standing and going to the bathroom. I went back to the doctor on Saturday to get a rapid test and more help. They would not rapid test me. They said they will wait to see the results of the first test on Thursday. I asked for Hydroxychloroquine and was refused. She looked at me blankly and said “we follow the CDC guidelines” on what to prescribe. I said, “Oh. I see. What are you prescribing? She stared at me but said nothing. I asked, “Why should I not take Hydroxychloroquine? Is it harmful? Does it not work?” She just stared at me and blinked rapidly. So I asked again, “are the doctors wrong on social media that are prescribing it? What’s the truth about it?” She blinked a few times and said again, “We follow CDC guidelines for Covid” and wouldn’t say anything more about it.

She prescribed me Ondansetron for nausea, ONLY! That’s all I got from the clinic. My health deteriorated after that. From Sunday, July 12, to Wednesday July 15, I had to get my family to bring me food and water. My chest was closed up. My breathing was short staccato breaths. I could not fill my lungs. It was very painful to inhale and exhale. I could not exhale completely. My chest would spasm and intake like I was drowning. I had the shakes and chills, full body ache, hadn’t used the bathroom in days. Terrible head ache and most painful was the ear ache. I couldn’t lay my head on either side because it hurt. I got the little finger machine that monitors your oxygen intake. I was never above 93 and fell below 92 multiple times.

Wednesday morning I woke up struggling to breath and very afraid I was going to the hospital if something didn’t change. Finger thing was back and forth between 87-92% oxygen intake.

In desperation, I reached out to a friend of mine that is a ER doctor. I told him what was happening with me and I was scared. He examined me prescribed me Hydroxychloroquine and a steroid pill called Dexamethasone along with over the counter Zinc. He asked if I had any allergies or pre-existing health conditions. I said no to everything. I was completely healthy in all counts before I got Covid. He warn me of possible side effects and that this medicine has caused heart issues in rare cases. I understood. 

I took my 1st dose at 2pm on Wednesday, July 15.

In 1 hour I was 50% better, breathing, standing in the kitchen making food. ALL of the flu-like symptoms were gone. Headaches, body aches, kidney pains, fatigue all vanished.

I took my second dose around 8pm that night and felt like I wasn’t sick. I even walked around the front yard looking at my flower beds and weeded a little. (My doctor friend jumped my butt for this. He told me to get back in bed and rest. That it wasn’t over.)


The mornings were hard because the medicine would wear off over night. I would go to sleep breathing fine and be jolted awake in the morning when the tightness would come back.

I also got Budesonide used in a Nebulizer as a breathing treatment. That really helped a lot with the breathing and chest inhaling.

By Saturday morning I was waking up fine, no problem.

Saturday, July 18, I get a call from Lake After Hours letting me know I have Covid-19 and that I should rest and wash my hands. (9 days later).

I still cough every now and again with a feeling of just clearing my throat. No chest pains. I can breath in and out fully but still feel it. I lost a lot of weight. Light headed. I am not 100% better but ready to go back to work. Light work at least.

I received a text message this morning that my quarantine time is now over. I can go back to work and I can get tested again to see if I still have Covid.

Without my friend prescribing me Hydroxychloroquine, I am positive I would have ended up in the hospital with a wrecked financial situation.
The doctors that said “We are following CDC guidelines” did absolutely nothing for me.

This is my experience with COVID-19.”



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