GARY: What’s Really Going On With JBE’s Election Emergency?

Yesterday, John Bel Edwards, our Democrat Governor, declared a state of emergency for the November 3 presidential elections.  Now, he did this on the same day that he reported Louisiana is no longer in the “red zone” in positive test rate set by White House guidelines.  Mind you, he declared a state of emergency months ago and there is no need to declare another one as this current emergency is ongoing.  So, what does John Bel know that we don’t know about November, which by the way is several months away?

My fellow Louisiana citizens, it’s time to have an awakening. I am going to offer you a little dose of reality.  Let’s call it a red pill.  Now, you don’t have to take it.  But, if what I believe is going down, goes down, at least you’ll have had the opportunity to understand why.

The National Democratic Party is trying, by any means necessary, to upset and upend this presidential election.  They have gone as far as to “War Game” what happens if States cannot meet the deadline to send its electors to the electoral college.  In such a scenario, Biden, would not accept the election, blame Trump for the chaos associated with mail-in ballots, which will be chaos, and try to get the election over to the U.S. House of Representatives, who would decide the Presidency.  One of the “war games” was secession from the Union by the West Coast, yes, the same West Coast that is currently under siege by Antifa.  Think I’m making this up?  It was all reported in the New York Times.

How does JBE fit into this?  Well, he is planning to run in 2022 against John Kennedy for the U.S. Senate.  The only way for him to have any success is to be in lock-step with the people that control the campaign dollars, the National Democratic Party.  There is a reason that Mayor Adrian Perkins (a Soros candidate) is running against Bill Cassidy, and it’s not because anyone believes he has a chance.  It’s a two-part reason. First, his race will bring national dollars into Louisiana to build out the campaign infrastructure John Bel will need in 2022.  Secondly, a minority on the ballot creates standing for the legal challenges that will come in when JBE doesn’t get his way in “setting up” the November Election.  And, when he doesn’t, expect the usual suspects to come out of the woodwork, along with the Liberal Louisiana Press Corps, to claim voter suppression and disenfranchisement.  All of this will be JBE’s contribution to the chaos the DNC is trying to create.

If you’ve watched the “news” lately, you have seen the hysterics over mailboxes being mysteriously removed from places all over America.  This faux hysteria is being ginned up by the DNC.  Mailboxes have been scheduled for removal for years.  The practice started under Obama and Biden.  In fact, over 14,000 were removed by their administration.  Why?  Cost cutting from the broke Postal Service.  And, I ask, do you get your mail from the blue mailboxes on the corner?  How does this interfere with you getting a ballot?  How does it interfere with you using the postal service?  It doesn’t.  This is called building the narrative.  It’s a disinformation campaign being executed by a political party that will do anything to seize power, including giving political cover to violent Marxist and Socialist rioters in democrat-controlled cities around the U.S.  How do you think voting is going to go in the West Coast states that the DNC envisions seceding from the Union?  Ask yourself, who’s allowing and creating the chaos?


Look, Joe Biden can’t win this election under any normal conditions. Therefore, other means are being employed.  You can accept this all as “emergency preparation” but understand that it is election stealing preparations.

John Bel Edwards does not have authority over the election process in Louisiana.  The Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin, does.  The only way for the Governor to inject himself into this process is if there is a State of Emergency.  Despite falling infections, falling death rates, JBE is creating the narrative.  He’s declaring the emergency in advance.  He’s following the DNC’s lead and playbook.  He’s preparing the way for his Senate run in 2020 by doing the bidding of his overlords in Washington and he’s going to do everything he can to cause chaos in our own elections.

Now you know.  And, as events unfold you will not be able to forget it.  You’ve been awakened.



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