VIDEO: Biden One-Ups The False Story About Trump Disparaging The Military

Normally we’d do 300 words on this. We’re not sure how it’s necessary in this case, as it’s Joe Biden calling an audience full of military people “stupid bastards.”

Remember when The Atlantic tried to pass off anonymously-sourced, old gossip about how President Trump didn’t want to visit the cemetery where the military dead from the Battle of Belleau Wood were buried because he thought they were “suckers” and “losers?”

The sourcing for that was almost nonexistent, and Trump’s campaign trotted out almost two dozen people who were in a position to dispute the allegations and were willing to go on the record to call that allegation bullshit.

Well, this isn’t old, at least we don’t think it is. It popped out on the internet about an hour or so ago. And it’s on video, so it isn’t a question of whether the sources are anonymous or not.

One leave-behind thought on this: have you noticed how just about every single thing the Left, or the Democrats, or Biden or Hillary Clinton, let loose from their mouths by way of an accusation against Republicans ultimately gets revealed as a case of projection?

We had a post just a little while ago at The Speakeasy with some revelations from just-released House hearings and the Durham investigation which make it pretty clear that it was the Clinton campaign in 2016 who were colluding with Russians to influence the election, meaning that Christopher’s Steele’s source for some of the most salacious items in his Pee Pee Dossier was deemed a possible “national security threat” + the subject of 2009 FBI counter-intel probe – and he was Russian.

The Democrats were cheerleading those riots in the streets all summer long. Now that polls show the riots are a drag on their electoral prospects, they’re actually attempting to accuse Republicans of being the ones rioting.

Or if you like, there was the whole Ukraine business. They impeached the President over his reaction – namely, seeking to find some justice – to something Biden did.


I’ve said this, but you can’t find better projection than the Democrats offer at a movie theater.

Hopefully the military “stupid bastards” video goes viral. Whether it does or doesn’t, how much do you want to bet there’s a “lid” on Biden’s campaign tomorrow morning? (EDIT: they move faster than we do – a “lid” was called on the campaign today around noon. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.)

UPDATE: It’s actually from 2016, and it’s from a Biden speech somewhere in southwest Asia (likely Afghanistan), and in context it certainly doesn’t get much better.

So the point about projection is even stronger, as Team Biden knew this was out there when they uncorked that ridiculous Atlantic smear about Trump.

These really are the lowest of the low, aren’t they?




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