APPEL: Trump Needs To Remember The Art Of The Pivot At The Next Debate

I know that President Trump will never hear me, but I have some advice for him. For the next debate he needs to master the fine art of the pivot.

What do I mean? Watching the last debate and the “Town Hall” it was clear that the moderators were working, even aggressively, to subvert the President. And his response was far too defensive. That was a mistake, it was needless, and a waste of precious airtime.

I am a businessman-turned-politician. Unlike a career politician like Biden, I understand the great pride that a man like Trump takes in his accomplishments and the great offense he takes to anyone who attacks them. Making the process perilous to his re-election though, the moderators and his opponent know that all too well.

So, they use his predisposition to defend himself to discredit the President. They do this by taking advantage of his tendency to defend his accomplishments by drawing him into petty squabbles and time-wasting debate over meaningless issues.

That practice was never clearer than at the Town Hall when the moderator first went after him over a well-documented falsehood that Trump did not repudiate “white supremacy,” something which has been resuscitated ad nauseam despite his repeated denunciations of white supremacists. Then she dredged up the faux issue of his taxes. When the President said that he knew nothing about QAnon and that he had often repudiated white supremacy, the moderator sensed his rising ire and pressed the absurd questions to try and make him look bad. She followed the same pattern on the tax issue. What she did not do was to spend near the time addressing real issues that affect people’s lives or in asking the President his plans for doing even better in a second term. Blatant political smear and the reason the media is held in such low regard on clear display!

Is the media pro-Biden, or are they willing to sacrifice their industry’s coveted reputation as the watchdog of democracy just to get at Trump? Do they just see Biden as a puppet who will allow far-left wing puppet masters implement their personal persuasions? These are questions political scientists will be debating for years but have no doubt that the moderator at the last debate will throw softball pitches to Biden, questions for which he will have well-rehearsed answers. And if Biden is true to form, he will just rattle off boring, non-controversial Democratic talking points. He knows that the moderator will not press him, so he can say virtually anything he wants to without fear of challenge.

But the case for Trump will be the contrary.

Without doubt the moderator, a foaming-at-the-mouth Democrat partisan named Kristen Welker, will follow the same modus operandi as was at the Town Hall. Her plan will be to make Biden irrelevant to the debate by luring Trump into inconsequential defense of his history.


This is where the President has great opportunity.

His strategy must be to simply ignore the goading of the moderator by giving a terse answer to her questions and then pivoting to Biden. He must firmly but not arrogantly do what a legitimate moderator should do, take away Biden’s talking points and making him display the real Joe Biden and the way the real Joe Biden will govern. In effect Trump must supplant the moderator and lead the debate. Vice President Mike Pence did this quite well in thrashing Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City.

If he does as I suggest everyone will see that Biden is a puppet for the far left, that his regurgitated tax-and-spend ideas have many times proven to do great harm to the middle class, and that Biden’s COVID plan is nothing more than a plagiarized version of what Trump is already doing. And most importantly, America will see that Biden may be as corrupt a politician as we have ever seen rise to such high office.

Trump must fight his own instincts and be a different person. His plan must be to ignore the moderator and pivot to the answers from Biden that America will never hear unless he forces Biden to confront them. He must face the camera and remind the American people of his great accomplishments before COVID and offer the hand of hope for exceeding those goals post COVID. He cannot do that if he is all tangled up in petty nonsense about QAnon, white supremacy, or taxes, but that will be the media’s strategy.

Pivot Mr. President, pivot, and force Biden to come out of the basement and expose himself for what he is, the consummate swamp creature who used the trust of the American people to enrich he and his family. Pivot, and expose the folly of surrendering our great nation to socialist elites. Pivot, and remind America why they elected you as the answer to eight years of malaise and identity politics brought to us by Biden and Obama.



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