APPEL: What Role Will The Media Play In The Outcome Of This Election?

With all the turmoil surrounding the Presidential election I have been running through my mind scenarios of possible outcomes. The one most concerning to me is one in which the media plays a significant role.

The media has completely covered up the possible corruption surrounding the Biden family. And it is using its once legitimate voice to drive the outcome of the elections. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the reason is that the media has been subsumed by the Far Left, the Far Left that hates Trump because he has spent his presidency unravelling progressive boondoggles. They perceive that successful attacks on coveted progressive ideals cannot be tolerated and must be crushed, so the media has stepped up to do just that. For the mortal sin of tackling the folly of progressive ideals, the media is bent on a crusade to discredit Trump and bring him down.

But in the happenstance that Biden wins, the media will be in a quandary. Without a doubt, their first instinct would be to want to prop up a weak Democratic president, but Biden may not demonstrate the aggressive Far Left credentials that the media craves. They cannot allow a bumbling Biden to mess up their grand progressive scheme. And add to that economic realities. Sooner or later the media’s credibility may be so much in jeopardy that their financial viability is totally spent. By then the Biden corruption issues may be so obvious that they just cannot avoid getting into them and see them as the way to salvage their livelihood.

So, what to do?

Well sitting in the queue is their answer. If Biden wins, all teed up as Madame Successor President, Kamala Harris is their perfect solution. An overly ambitious black woman of impeccable Far Left credentials is next in line to lead the planned progressive metamorphosis in America. Elevating Kamala Harris is the perfect next step to the Leftist dream of a One World, subservient America. The kind of America that Obama spent his honeymoon period apologizing that we were not.

But how to get Biden out of the way? Here is where the loyal media comes in.

As soon as Trump is gone, the media could find its collective conscious and start to dig into the Biden affairs. And after a brief but vigorous revelation of just how corrupt his family has been, they may succeed in forcing him to follow a Nixon exit. Biden may realize that a strategic retreat is better than a prolonged scandal and swiftly retire rather than facing torturous investigations and possible indictments. And the media can help ease his exit also. By playing on American heartstrings, they can allow an embattled President to withdraw quietly by invoking images of age or infirmity. What a perfect way to save face. No one will care anyway because those voters who would have put him there did not want Biden in the first place, they just did not want Trump.


Now the United States would have a vigorous radical leftist as President and Nancy Pelosi as next in line. A Progressive dream come true. The Democratic Party would have a few years of stink surrounding a Biden departure, but there would be more than enough time before the next national elections for that to be whitewashed by the media. And the media could claim innumerable self-aggrandizing Pulitzer Prizes for their amazing revelations about the Bidens’ corruption.

What a perfect scenario, perfect that is if you are a far left up East or West Coast or urban Progressive. More perfect even if you are a member of the once legitimate but now activist media. But of course, if you are an average American taxpayer, your future under a Harris Presidency would suddenly look very bleak indeed. You would be forced to accept that you and your once proud nation were inherently evil and racist, that you should forfeit what wealth you have built up to the collective good, and that your freedom is just a talking point as you are forced to sacrifice it to the government as recompense for perceived past sins that you have no idea of.

Sure, this is just a scenario, but based on recent history it may not be too farfetched. The most obvious way to avoid it, we as average Americans, we who reject the Progressive principle that America has a stain on its soul, can simply vote back in President Trump. In that best case all the machinations of a deceiving press and an undermining radical Democratic Party will be just a bad dream.

When you have some quiet time for a moment think about Kamala Harris as President and as number two, at least until the Democrats appoint a vice-president (heaven help us as to who that would be), Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Let that sink in, we would have President so dangerous to the American psyche that initially she could not even get support of her own Party and was the first major candidate to drop out of the primaries. Yes, that Kamala Harris who would deliver our great nation into the hands of those who would undo centuries of American prosperity and power. And backing her up a California nut case who eats cake (actually ice cream from her reported $24,000 freezer) while the people starve.

Now that is a nightmare worth a Hollywood horror movie!



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