VIDEO: Joe Biden Accuses Himself Of Voter Fraud

You’re probably going to have to watch this more than once to believe it, but Biden actually said it. This isn’t doctored, it isn’t Photoshopped or dubbed, and it isn’t Russian disinformation. It’s what came out of Biden’s mouth during an appearance on the Pod Save America podcast.

And he’s bragging about his get-out-the-vote operation, which (1) doesn’t appear to be anywhere near as robust as either of the Obama campaigns boasted despite having an unlimited amount of money, and (2) is late getting into the field compared to Team Trump, which has made well more than a hundred million door-knocks in this cycle.

But Biden, who is incapable of forming anything more than basic thoughts with respect to extemporaneous speaking (he’s slightly better when he’s reading off a script) proceeds to blow that boast to smithereens by calling his GOTV operation a voter fraud organization.


He just misspoke, of course. There’s no way that was Biden slipping up and telling the truth by any chance.

Naturally, Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany jumped all over it…

Biden was probably talking about his campaign’s “election protection program” which is headed up by former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder and scores of additional lawyers in case of a contested election. Fox News reported that Team Biden claims the biggest election protection program ever for a presidential campaign, and that it encompasses legal, communications, and political strategy.


Of course, that program isn’t out there trying to prevent voter fraud. It’s instead attempting to fight “voter disenfranchisement,” defined as Republicans contesting invalid votes drummed up by Democrat machines in cities around the country. In other words, Republicans – and President Trump in particular – have termed what Team Biden is putting together a “voter fraud operation.”

Which Biden, in his comically diminished capacity, just agreed is an accurate characterization.

The interesting thing about Joe Biden at this point seems to be that when he knows what he’s saying, he’s lying. When his mouth runs away from him, he tells the truth.



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