APPEL: Last Night Was A Rough One For The Democrats

While the nation’s eyes are focused on who will end up being President, I have one thing to say – the Democrats have already lost.

What do I mean? The great danger to the Republic would have been had the Democrats had a clear path to implement their extreme Progressive, to some extent Socialist, agenda. For Democrats to accomplish that they had to sweep the Executive AND the Legislative branches of government. We will not know, maybe for some time, who will be the next President, but we do know that the Democrats did not win control of the Senate. That failure will prevent them from making the long-term structural changes that Sanders and the AOC Squad have been salivating over.

Let us make a jump and look at what could happen if Biden holds on to win. First, he probably is not too upset not to have the Senate. After all, he has made it clear that he views his Presidency as both a way to get past Trump and as a placeholder for the next generation of Democratic leaders. Further, despite his protestations to aspire to be the most Progressive president in history, Biden’s personal record is none less than moderate and, in some cases, fairly conservative. In another time Biden sponsored the Crime Bill that by today’s standards would be consider by Democrats to be racist. Back then his pals were old school conservative Southern Democrats. One such as I who believes that a tiger cannot change his stripes would believe that an elderly Biden would not stray too far from his essential nature.

If the Democrats had won both the House and the Senate, he would most likely find himself in the uncomfortable position of trying to govern a divided nation while being hounded to implement radical changes by his Party. Instead, should he win, as an elder statesman he can basically do nothing and blame his failures to undertake radical change on recalcitrant Republican senators. He can act as the injured party, but not have to get into too many destructive fights that he cannot win.

What Biden would not want to be faced with will be continuing Senate investigations of Russiagate and, more damaging personally, of the corruption within his own family. As I wrote earlier, depending on how much involvement in corruption he had, he could end up facing an early exit along the lines of Richard Nixon. Republicans are not likely to let go of a heavy hammer that they can beat the Democrats over the head with, and these investigations could all end very badly for the Biden family and maybe Biden himself.

As the Senate must approve appointments, he would be faced with the kind of “resistance” exhibited by Democratic Senators against Trump. Approval of appointments and judges could well be stalled for years by a Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader. He would soon learn the bitter lesson that Trump learned, that there is no honor in modern politics.


Republican control of the Senate is huge. Of course, Republicans want to see Trump in the White House, but in a worst-case scenario for Republicans in which Biden prevails, they should not be despondent. A vise grip of Senate control will put an end to the nightmare of a Socialist remake of America, and at least dramatically temper any pressure to socialize healthcare, to implement massive tax increases, and all of the other far Left wish list.

None of this is to say that Biden would not do great harm to our national prospects. He would use executive and bureaucratic power to roll back much of the good that Trump has done. His economic policies would slow any prospect of a continued recovery and his foreign policies could well bring a decline in American power, resulting in re-engagement in foolish wars. No, a Biden win is not good, but Republican control of the Senate will at least block the kind of structural change that could take generations to reverse.

For the future, a feckless Biden, unable to pass any major legislation and being pushed to and fro by his own Party, sets the table for a Republican resurgence in four years. Four years is a long time for Americans to wait for good government, but just imagine the nightmare of a Biden win coupled to control of the House and Senate.

Yes, to a great extent, Democrats have already lost the 2020 elections.



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