GURVICH: No Blue Wave Materialized, And The Race Isn’t Over

As many feared, the presidential race is not over as of the morning after Election Day. A slew of lawsuits will undoubtedly be filed over the next several days. The (mostly) Democrat caused changes in our election laws have come home to roost, especially the lunacy inflicted on the entire country by the Pennsylvania Democratic establishment and the suspect, if not shady, dealings of other Democrats in Atlanta, Milwaukee and Detroit. Finality could be days or even weeks away and while a lack of resolution on election night is nothing new in presidential races, the delicate state of our republic must now be taken into consideration as the counts, recounts, and lawsuits proceed apace.

We can, however, take comfort in the strong Republican showing nationally. The outcome most frequently predicted by the polls, a blue tidal wave of Democrat victories around the country, simply did not materialize. For the second presidential cycle in a row, pollsters will have some considerable explaining to do. There is a growing suspicion among Americans outside the Washington beltway and other so-called “elite” enclaves, that the pollsters have effectively become an arm of the Democrat Party. This does not bode well for their industry, as pollsters whose predictions cannot be trusted soon become unemployed pollsters.

Consider that despite being outspent by a substantial margin, our candidates generally held up well. Not only did most of the predicted Republican losses in the Senate fail to materialize, Republicans will likely pick up seats in the House of Representatives. Hearty congratulations are due to all of our Louisiana congressional delegation members. Senator Cassidy’s huge margin of victory against a highly touted Democrat challenger was particularly impressive.


And best wishes to our other newly elected and re-elected Republican public officials around the state. Well done!

Louis Gurvich, Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana



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