APPEL: We Don’t Know How Texas v. Pennsylvania Will Turn Out, But…

It’s too early to tell what the Supreme Court will do in the case in which Texas has sued four battleground states over voting practice changes.

But it is not too late to understand the political significance of some outcomes of that suit.

Let us first recognize that 47% of Americans think that the election was in some fashion rigged against President Trump. Yes, that number is 47%, nearly have of all Americans. That number breaks down into roughly 80% of Republicans and even 30% of Democrats. Further, the revelations about likely Biden family corruption have made very clear to the American people that the media and Big Tech were conspiring against the public to hide the facts, thereby helping Biden.

The American people are justifiably distraught about the sanctity of their election process. Should the Court refuse to hear the case or should the Court rule against Texas, it will just be further proof to a vast number of Americans that the system is rigged against them and cannot be trusted.

If Biden should prevail, he will do so under a veil of dishonesty and lack of trust. That image in the minds of so many Americans will doom his administration from the first day and will haunt his Presidency. No matter what he does, it will be looked upon as being illegitimate. That original sin will not be forgotten by that half of America that believes that his election was stolen.


Perhaps worse for our nation, an unfavorable ruling by the Court will be seen by the public as an injustice, as much as the public recognizes the injustice committed by the media and Big Tech. Such a ruling will leave a stain on the Court that may be enduring.

Just as in the time after Nixon, our country will suffer with self-doubt for some time. Perhaps after four years we will have a President that all accept as being legitimate and a Court in which trust will be restored.



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