If You’re Looking For Some Reference To Respond To The “No Evidence” Crowd…

…who deny that there was significant vote fraud surrounding the failed 2020 presidential election, we stumbled upon something that might help to push back against this “no evidence” business.

It’s from a communique the RNC put out offering a summary of efforts to contest official vote counts in five of the six disputed states. It isn’t comprehensive, as it doesn’t include any of the statistical evidence Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are pushing. But it does touch on a lot of the evidence of irregularity and fraud which has already surfaced.

We’ve been perplexed by this “no evidence” mantra from the beginning. First of all, as I wrote at The American Spectator yesterday, the Democrats and the Left have pushed scandal after scandal not just on President Trump but on as many Republican political figures as they could, and often with zero evidence of any kind. Consider the Trump-Russia hoax and what evidence was on offer for that from the same folks who insist there is no evidence of a stolen election here.

Second, affidavits of fraud and irregularity are evidence. Statistical impossibilities in vote counts are evidence. Even circumstantial evidence is evidence. There is a mountain of evidence to indicate things went badly, badly wrong with this election. The mere fact that multiple states whose results remain in dispute all shut their vote counts down at almost exactly the same time on Election Night is evidence something untoward occurred, as this has NEVER HAPPENED in the history of our presidential elections.

Third, the demand that Trump’s lawyers and others challenging the results in these disputed states must put everything they have on public display as they file lawsuits pressing their cases is, frankly, bizarre. Yes, these cases will play out in the court of public opinion to an extent, but evidence is for a trier of fact – meaning a judge.


There has been a great deal of evidence put forth in state legislative hearings in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona so far; in fact, what has been sworn to and put on display to date is quite impressive. What is not yet known is whether any triers of fact, either in the judicial system or among these Republican-majority legislatures, will ultimately have the courage to act on what’s shown to them.

We have serious doubts about that, as with respect to the legislators it’s axiomatic that few creatures on this planet are as craven as Republican politicians. Something so frightening as overturning the results of a presidential election, even one so obviously tainted by fraud as this one, would appear far beyond the capabilities of garden-variety GOP leges to handle.

Nevertheless, there is evidence. Here’s the RNC’s communique with some of what’s already out there…


  • During the audit, ballots were recounted by hand. Under Stacey Abrams’ guidance, Democrats in Georgia have been attacking the safeguards of our election processes, through lawsuits, for the last several years.
  • We had close to 1,000 volunteers located throughout the state at every canvassing site.
  • In the top 30 most populous Georgia counties, we had the legal maximum number of observers in place.
  • The hand recount may be a good start but was not transparent and did not fully satisfy our concerns that initially prompted our hand count request due to a lack of training and directives .
  • Through the hand recount process, multiple voting integrity issues were found, including over 2,600 previously unrecorded ballots in Floyd County, 2,700  in Fayette County, and nearly 300 in Walton County.
  • The audit revealed to us what we already knew, there were widespread systematic administrative failures that resulted in the improper administration of the election which resulted in the improper administration of the audit.
  • Following the audit, the Trump campaign filed a petition for recount in Georgia. That petition was granted and there is now a recount underway. Counties were able to begin the recount as early as Wednesday, November 25. All counties must complete their recount no later than midnight on Wednesday, December 2.
  • The Trump Campaign has the maximum number of representatives observing the recount, this includes two designated by the state party and one designated by the campaign, in 147 of the 159 Georgia counties.
  • In addition to those representatives, we have full coverage in all 159 counties on each vote review panel.
  • We are focused on ensuring that every aspect of Georgia State Law and the U.S. Constitution is followed so that every legal vote is counted.
  • President Trump and the campaign continue to insist on an honest recount in Georgia, which must include signature matching and other vital safeguards.


  • There are multiple witness accounts of irregularities, incompetence, and unlawful vote counting.
    • In Wayne County, Republican poll watchers were denied their legal right to monitor the election and purposely kept in the dark, both literally and figuratively, with election officials blocking windows and pad-locking doors.
    • In a stunning 71% of Wayne County’s precincts, the number of people who signed the poll books didn’t equal the number of votes counted.
    • Republican canvassers in Michigan were bullied and called names for not following the “mob rule” of the Democrat canvassers.
    • The team has found roughly 1,700 abandoned properties in Wayne County. The RNC Data Department is matching abandoned property addresses that are linked to registered voters and checking to see if those voters showed up as voting absentee.
    • After analyzing a small sample of deceased voters, it was determined that at least nine had cast an absentee ballot in this election.
    • To date, there have been over 3,100 incident reports filed. The MIGOP Save the Vote Hotline is continuing to receive incident reports and review which ones merit an affidavit.
    • To date, our team has received more than 160 sworn declarations.
  • In Antrim County, thousands of votes for President Trump were inaccurately counted for Joe Biden.
  • On Friday, November 13, the Crawford County Canvass found 132 votes for President Trump that were not previously reported. The board of canvassers corrected the issue and sent the results to the Michigan Secretary of State. The Secretary of State website has not yet reflected this change on their website.
  • On Monday, November 16, 10 Michigan Senators requested an independent audit of the November 3 Election, citing multiple irregularities.
    • GOP members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, Monica Palmer and Bill Hartmann, signed affidavits looking to rescind their votes to certify.
    • Palmer and Hartmann say they were bullied into certifying, citing slanderous attacks and their personal information being shared.
  • They also say the promise of a “comprehensive audit” of the November 3 election made to them in order to certify “will not be fulfilled” by the Democrat Secretary of State.
  • On Monday, November 23, the Michigan Board of Canvassers voted 3-0 to certify the results, with Republican Norm Shinkle abstaining.
    • Shinkle requested an investigation by the Michigan Legislature into the handling of the election, which passed 4-0.
  • The deadline to request a recount of the Michigan election has passed.


  • There are a number of reports of irregularities that we are looking into.
    • Clark County lowered the standard on the machine that verifies signatures, leaving voters vulnerable.
      • One such victim was Jill Stokke, a 79-year-old legally blind Las Vegas woman who found out when she went to vote in person that a mail ballot had been illegally cast in her name and the signature verified, thus stealing her vote.
      • A Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist worked with nine Clark County voters to cast a ballot with blatantly incorrect signatures. Eight of the nine votes were accepted and counted.
    • There have been multiple verified instances of deceased Nevadans having a vote cast in their name, including Rosemarie Hartle, a 52-year-old Las Vegas woman who died of breast cancer in 2017.
    • We have 150 volunteers and staff looking into 7,000 mail ballots cast in the general election that were returned as undeliverable in June’s all-mail primary election.
    • Nevada’s electoral college candidates pledged to President Trump have filed an election contest under Nevada election code due to these substantial irregularities.


  • The Trump Campaign and RNC are involved in several lawsuits and are working to ensure only valid absentee and provisional ballots are counted.
    • In a huge victory for election integrity, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania sided with the Republican National Committee and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. in the challenge to Secretary Boockvar’s unlawful extension of the deadline for some absentee voters to provide missing proof of identification.
    • The court ruled that Secretary Boockvar “lacked the statutory authority” to unilaterally extend the deadline set by law and ordered that the segregated ballots should not be counted.
  • We will continue to pursue every legal option available to us to ensure that every legal vote is counted in Pennsylvania and every illegal or improper vote is not.
  • The campaign appealed a federal judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit that would prevent Secretary Boockvar from certifying the election. Her mishandling and misjudgments have caused so many issues; she cannot be trusted to certify this election.
    • President Trump will not stop fighting to end the massive fraud in this election in Pennsylvania. The President has always been prepared to take this case to the Supreme Court of the United States.
    • With the Third Circuit’s decision on Friday (11/27), we are hopeful to expeditiously move to the Supreme Court.
  • The Pennsylvania State Senate held a hearing Wednesday, November 25th, regarding voter irregularities and fraud in Pennsylvania.
    • The public hearing was hosted by Senator Doug Mastriano, Senator Dave Argall, and newly elected Senate Majority Leader-Elect Kim Ward.
    • Participating senators gave opening statements, testimony was given by witnesses of 2020 election fraud, and the President’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, made a presentation.
    • State legislatures are well qualified to hold hearings on election irregularities and fraud as they alone have the constitutional authority to select electors, as established in the United States Constitution.
    • President Trump called in to speak with participants of the hearing, underscoring the historic nature of the hearing and the critical role state legislatures play in the electoral process.
    • The hearing exemplified the importance of ensuring election integrity through counting every legal vote and dismissing those that were cast illegally or improperly.
    • The personal Twitter account of the Pennsylvania state senator who requested the hearing, Retired Army Colonel Doug Mastriano, was suspended following the hearing. This was another example of big tech’s outrageous efforts to censor those seeking truth and fairness in this election.
  • Pennsylvania state lawmakers have introduced a Joint Resolution calling for extraordinary measures by the General Assembly during this critical time in our nation’s history.
    • Widely sponsored in both the House and Senate , the resolution calls for the Secretary of State or Governor to withdraw or vacate the certification of electors due to the documented irregularities and improprieties of the 2020 General Election.
  • Issues in Pennsylvania include lack of transparency, lack of meaningful observation in seven big Democrat counties, and ballot curing in those counties.
    • Regardless of the absolute necessity of uniform standards across the state, there was one system for Democrat counties in Pennsylvania and another system for Republican counties.
    • In seven Democrat counties, Democrat voters received text messages and emails — sometimes even sent by Democrat campaigns — warning them that their ballots would be canceled and how to resolve it in a timely manner. Republican voters, though, even some who verified in person that their vote had been cast, have records of receiving notifications of canceled ballots after the date to cure with no timely notification. Some voters, Democrats, were  allowed to cure their ballots, but others, Republicans, were not, representing a possible equal protection violation.
    • Illegal ballots were counted in some Democrat counties, but ballots of the same nature were not counted in Republican counties. This represents tens of thousands of improperly counted ballots in Pennsylvania.
    • Philadelphia had 17 “early in person mail voting” locations throughout the city where people could register, request their mail ballot, and vote their mail ballot all in one transaction. None of these centers permitted poll watchers. The Trump campaign has no idea how many illegal votes were cast in these locations.
    • In Philadelphia, the Sheriff reportedly refused to enforce the court order allowing lawful observers to enter.
    • Pennsylvania Republican ballot count observers were in some cases 100 yards away from the counting process. Even a distance of 12 feet would make it impossible to properly observe. This lack of transparency and hindrance to observing the counting of 627,000 ballots is a huge problem.
  • Phone calls continue to come in about the irregularities seen in Pennsylvania and we are still processing the information being received.


  • The Trump campaign’s recounts in Dane and Milwaukee counties have been completed.
    • These are the locations of the worst irregularities, which have raised serious concerns that need to be further examined.
    • An unprecedented 243,000 Wisconsinites circumvented photo ID requirements by marking themselves as “indefinitely confined” ahead of November’s election – a majority of them newly declared this status this year. That throws the legality of these ballots into question.
      • This includes 25,000 individuals who had little to no voting history prior to November.
      • This was a staggering increase from the nearly 72,000 voters who indicated that they were indefinitely confined in 2019.
      • This also arose after the Dane County clerk advised voters to illegally mark themselves as indefinitely confined due to the onset of coronavirus ahead of the April 7th primary.
      • Wisconsinites deserve answers on whether or not these ballots were cast illegally.
    • The Wisconsin Elections Commission directed Wisconsin municipal clerks to alter incomplete absentee ballots contrary to Wisconsin law. Under Wisconsin law, incomplete absentee ballots may not be counted.
  • In Wisconsin, we have received hundreds of incident reports following the November 3rd election, and dozens of sworn declarations.



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