John Bel Edwards’ Hypocritical Gavin Newsom Moment

We generated a little bit of heat yesterday with our post making the case that Gov. John Bel Edwards has utterly failed in his response to COVID-19. Most of the email responses we received from that post were in agreement, but the ones who didn’t share our views were less than diplomatic about it.

Two in particular made the case that Edwards is doing the best he can as an honest public servant and it’s “reprehensible” (email response #1) or “unconscionable” (email response #2) for us to be standing on the sidelines whining about how he discharges his responsibilities.

Neither addressed the fact that what he’s doing clearly isn’t working, that he’s currently flagrantly disregarding the law – which he says is unconstitutional; we’ll see what the Louisiana Supreme Court thinks of that argument – by continuing his shutdowns and mandates after the House of Representatives told him no, and that it’s fairly clear at this point Edwards is driven far more by politics than by science given the mountains of data which indicate mask mandates and economic shutdowns, not to mention school closures, do far more damage than good.

The sentiment expressed in those dissenting emails is that John Bel Edwards is sincere in doing the best he can to keep us safe.

Except we’ve followed this man throughout his political career and we know better. John Bel Edwards is a liar and a control freak and his entire life has been shaped by the fact he comes from a podunk political dynasty in Tangipahoa Parish which has isolated him from the concerns of normal folks. If reality were otherwise, he wouldn’t have threatened to kill college football in Louisiana were legislators to refuse to give him a massive hike in the state sales tax amid a recession. Or send out eviction letters to seniors in nursing homes if those legislators didn’t renew that tax increase two years later.

A pair of tweets which surfaced yesterday showed that history in the context of COVID-19. Here’s one…

The full picture is worth a look…

As you can see, the portable heat lamps give away the fact that, yes, this is November. We don’t have much to go on beyond the poster’s word that this was just before Thanksgiving, but our insider source folks tell us it’s legitimate. Feel free to judge for yourself.

This is the second manifestation of the obvious double standard we’ve seen this week. Yesterday we had the screen grab from the Instagram of Joy Browning, wife of Louisiana state fire marshall Butch Browning, of a group picture from a Thanksgiving celebration at False River which would seem to violate at least the spirit of Edwards’ admonition against holiday get-togethers.

Bear in mind, we have nothing against the Brownings’ revelry. We don’t have anything against Edwards hauntings of Baton Rouge Country Club. They’re people; we believe in their rights to live a normal life.


What’s irritating about this is the demand that everybody else live like hermits while the powerful openly flaunt their own rules.

We’ve seen this all over the country, of course, though interestingly it’s an affliction which only seems to affect Democrats – nonstop preening and alarmism over COVID-19 while acting as though the virus doesn’t exist and being obvious enough about it that they’re almost immediately caught.

Well, it looks like Edwards got caught. At this point he’s the hillbilly Gavin Newsom. And it’s time to ignore the rubbish coming out of his mouth about COVID-19.

UPDATE: There is a TigerDroppings thread about this and a sizable debate over the date the photo was taken (and something of a question about whether it’s Edwards in the photo; we would be awfully surprised if it’s somebody else). That debate is reflected in a couple of tweets made in response to the original picture posted on Twitter…

We asked around, and the cart paths are currently under construction at Baton Rouge Country Club.



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