See The Resolution Adopted By Louisiana’s Electors Which Could Lead To A Lawsuit

Yesterday, Louisiana cast its eight electoral votes for President Trump, who won the state with 58 percent of the vote. But that wasn’t all that happened, as the state’s electors agreed on a resolution protesting the failed 2020 election.

It reads as follows…

All of the eight electors signed it, and so did Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin.

What does this do? Perhaps nothing, but the electors are calling for the state legislatures in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to directly appoint their electors. That so far that wasn’t done – instead, Republican electors in those states and four others essentially appointed themselves as “dueling electors” for the purposes of perhaps being counted by the House of Representatives when it meets on Jan. 6 to officially certify the Electoral College vote.

This resolution, and there will likely be others similar to it across the country, would thus be on the record supporting objections by members of the House and Senate – and there will likely be at least one of each, because Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky have said they would object to the slating of the Electoral College before counting its votes – which could throw the presidential election to the House and the vice-presidential election to the Senate.

Republicans are in charge of 26 of the 50 House delegations. According to the process prescribed by law, each House delegation would have one vote for president. Assumedly, unless members break from their party affiliation, that majority of delegations would produce Trump as president. It is also assumed that in the Senate vote for vice-president, Mike Pence would win.


One wonders, as an aside, if the Republican establishment might seek an unconventional compromise with the Democrats and undergo this process only to have a pair of House delegations with Republican majorities flip to Biden, while the Senate maintains a vote for Pence. That’s unlikely, of course, but it’s something interesting worth chewing on, particularly given Biden’s shaky mental condition.

Regardless, this is a very unconventional election with results that don’t pass the smell test and only get worse the more they’re scrutinized. Laws were broken and the integrity of our election systems compromised, quite possibly even by foreign sources. It stands to reason that people wouldn’t accept this without a struggle. Louisiana’s electors are signaling that a lawsuit similar to the Texas v. Pennsylvania case could be in the offing, though whether it would go any further than that case is undetermined.



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