GARLINGTON: Reviving The Louisiana State Sovereignty Committee

Editor’s Note: A guest post by Walt Garlington

The Anti-Federalists had a great fear about the constitution cobbled together at Philadelphia in 1787:  It would, over time, centralize government power to a dangerous degree.  And that is exactly what has happened.  From the day it went into effect in 1789 to the election of Pres Lincoln, there was a struggle in Washington, D. C., between the centralizers and the decentralizers.  With the implementation by force upon all the States of Mr Lincoln’s ideology of an all-powerful federal government, the centralizers gained the ascendancy and have held it from that time to today.

If that were not doleful enough, the federal government has grown even more obnoxiously heavy-handed in recent years under both Republicans and Democrats:  the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, the Affordable Care Act, not to mention various federal Supreme Court rulings made by supposedly conservative justices (Obergefell and Bostock being amongst the worst).  And even worse laws, orders, rulings, etc., most likely await us during Pres Biden’s administration.

It is now imperative to remember a crucial truth about the federal government:  The States are its creator, not the other way around.  By virtue of this, each State, not the federal government, has the final say as to which federal acts are constitutional and which are not.

The action by which a State vetoes a federal act within its boundaries is known as nullification.  In order to encourage the use of this legitimate power of the sovereign States to protect themselves from the federal government here in Louisiana, we are reviving the Louisiana State Sovereignty Committee (LSSC).  Our web page is at this address: .

The LSSC does not exist to promote a political party, an ideology, or any other such idols.  We are not for the ‘Left’ or the ‘Right’.  Both of these are problematic:  The Left clamors for an unhealthy collectivism; the Right, for an unhealthy individualism.  But the traditions, the culture, of Louisiana were born before there was a Left or a Right, when there was a more or less peaceful harmony between the needs of the community and those of the individual, what Richard Weaver called ‘social bond individualism’.


It is this ancient heritage of Louisiana that the LSSC seeks to shield from the Washington, D. C.,/globalist predators, this precious culture rooted in land and memory; blood, songs, and rivers; graves and hearthstones; churches and saints.

Is nullification a magical cure which will put right everything that is going wrong in Louisiana?  No, it is not.  But it is a powerful weapon that can benefit us greatly in the days and years to come as we strive to keep our humanity and our Christian patrimony intact.

To all of our brothers and sisters in Louisiana, therefore, we say, ‘Come and join the LSSC in the arena and fight with the fiery sword of nullification!’



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