Gary Chambers Endorses KCP In The 2nd District Race, And It All Becomes Clear

The interesting thing is that Troy Carter managed to pull together the endorsements of a whole bunch of minor candidates from the 2nd Congressional District primary. He got the three minor Republican candidates, Chelsea Ardoin, Greg Lirette and Sheldon Vincent. He even got Belden “Noonie Man” Batiste.

He added maybe six or seven percent of the vote to the 36 percent he pulled in the primary with those endorsements.

But with Gary Chambers backing Karen Carter Peterson, she added 21 percent of the vote to her 23 percent.

Don’t think for one second that Gary Chambers isn’t getting a job out of that endorsement if KCP wins that race. He’s as bought as bought can be.

Of course, these endorsements never really carry all of their votes with them. The vote from Lirette and Ardoin doesn’t necessarily go to Carter. What’s as likely as not is much of that vote doesn’t even turn out.

In Chambers’ case, though, it’s a decent bet most of his vote does go Peterson’s way. They both ran nearly identical campaigns from an ideological standpoint – all victimization and grievance and redistribution.

Some of the Baton Rouge pols who backed Chambers have gone for Carter. State representative Edmond Jordan, for example, has now backed Carter.

Do those pols have the ability to mobilize their machines to back him?

Put it this way – if you’re Troy Carter, the play would be to position yourself just to the right of KCP. If you’re the moderate in the race, you’ll pull the 25 percent or so of the vote in that district which went for Donald Trump back in November, and that probably makes the difference for you.

That Claston Bernard, who finished fourth with 10 percent of the vote in the primary, hasn’t endorsed and says he won’t endorse, makes that harder.

What else makes it harder is Carter’s messaging. From an email blast he put out today…

Troy Carter doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk.


Our district can’t afford a representative who’ll be ineffective in advancing important legislation for our people. In the race for Congress, Senator Troy Carter is the candidate who’s actually ready and prepared to do the work to build a fairer, more equitable society.

Don’t let District 2 get stuck with ineffective representation. Donate to Troy Carter’s campaign for the representation we deserve.

The 2021 legislative session hasn’t even started yet and Senator Carter has already added to his impressive legislative record. He’s standing up for our values and providing solutions for the problems our state faces by filing bills to:

  • establish a state office of women’s health (SB 72)
  • raise Louisiana’s minimum wage and tie it to inflation (SB 49)
  • protect teachers by ensuring student learning losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic won’t affect their evaluations (SB 35)
  • establish an income tax credit for teachers (SB 51)
  • establish an income tax credit for people paying off student loan debt (SB 56)
  • ban racial discrimination based on natural hair styles (SB 61)

Troy Carter has put in the work as a senator, studied the issues, and written the bills. But what really sets him apart in this race is he’s got the relationships and temperament to get legislation across the finish line. He won’t be your average newcomer on Capitol Hill, he’ll be an effective voice for the people of District 2 as soon as he gets there.

In other words, he’s telling people he’s every bit the wild-haired leftist KCP is, but he’s friendlier and people like him more.

And he’s also telling Republican voters there is absolutely zero benefit whatsoever in Troy Carter winning over Karen Carter Peterson.

Why on earth would we want an “effective voice” for the 2nd District when this is the agenda that voice is advocating? Troy Carter will espouse all the same leftism Karen Carter Peterson is for, only he’ll actually get it done?

Give us KCP, and her unhinged lunacy and embarrassment, one hundred times before we’re for Troy Carter.

Here’s hoping Bernard doesn’t endorse Carter. Or if he does, he only does it after shaking him down for everything he can get.

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