GURVICH: Biden Rolls Out A COVID Relief Fraud

And so today is the big rollout of Joe Biden’s really, really big bet on government. No, no, you say, that’s already been handled with the passing of the $1.9 TRILLION COVID relief bill earlier this month. (By the way, here’s that $1.9 trillion number in Arabic numerals- $1,900,000,000,000. Now that’s an intimidating number, is it not?)

The largest single spending bill in history, it was disguised as the COVID relief bill although in fact it was our fifth such bill and it had precious little to to with real COVID relief. In truth, much the greater part of the money will go to finance the Democrats’ pet social schemes and prop up financially tottering state and local governments run by, you guessed it, Democrats! Kindly note for the record that this gargantuan bill just barely passed both houses of Congress by razor thin margins without a single Republican vote.

But let us return to the present, because the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill will soon be but a minor footnote to the Biden administration’s profligate spending spree. You see, there is much more spending in the works, much, much more, and we shall hear about it later today. The early rumors are that this proposal, or proposals, will cost something over $3 trillion. What can we expect to find within this monster?

First, you can rest assured that a huge tax increase will be proposed, because multi-trillion dollar annual deficits must somehow be paid for. Even the United States government cannot continue to borrow or print money forever without causing the eventual collapse of the economy.

By way of illustration, the total federal debt level recently reached 100% of our gross domestic product (the sum of all goods and services produced in the U. S in one year). That ratio may not mean much to the average guy on the street, but economists around the world use it to gauge how well governments are able to pay back their debts, and we are sinking fast in their estimation. Fact is, we haven’t been in this bad of a predicament since the end of World War II.

Second, you can expect government at all levels to increasingly intrude into your life far beyond its mere ability to tax you into poverty. You will be told that these new regulations, programs, and mandatory requirements are necessary to end the COVID recession and remedy past injustices, but these are only excuses.

Prior to COVID, President Trump had already shown the way with record economic growth while reversing income inequality and increasing labor participation rates. We had only to return to our traditional economic principles to recover; in fact, our economy has been recovering quite nicely without Biden’s new trillions in taxes, which now threaten a new recession. (Yes, higher taxes usually do cause recessions, not end them.)

Of course, this bill, or bills, was never just about ending the recession. This is all really about control. Joe Biden, or rather his activist minions who remain awake after Joe has nodded off for the day, have planned a fundamental economic and philosophical change for America.

They have done this by the thinnest of political power margins without any pretense of bipartisanship, and in the midst of a crumbling political consensus which threatens the country’s very existence. You see, they believe that the federal government should own or control the greater part of the country’s wealth, and that is Socialism, plain and simple.

Elections have consequences, so we have been told, and indeed they do. So prepare yourself for more burdensome taxes, higher inflation, and more interference into your life, courtesy of Joe Biden’s new and “improved” federal government.

You might also want to remind your friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens that there is an alternative to this ongoing political nightmare, and it’s called the Republican Party. If they aren’t already registered as Republicans, show them how to join the LAGOP by going to the website and changing their party registration on line. It’s as simple as that!

Louis Gurvich, Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana

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