GURVICH: Biden’s First Hundred Days Are A Catastrophic Failure

We are at the hundred day mark of the Biden administration. It certainly feels longer than that for some reason, but let us examine the state of our country and the effect that one hundred days of the leadership of Joe Biden has had upon it:

We are daily told by the media that an economic boom is imminent, and in fact there is abundant evidence that such a boom could well be underway. Consider that millions of doses of multiple vaccines are being administered every day, and still more vaccines are soon expected to enter the market, thanks to President Trump. COVID treatments have greatly improved since the often harmful ministrations inflicted by the medical community in the early days of the pandemic. It truly does appear that this disease may at last be diminishing as a destructive force in our lives.

And the economy is quickly recovering. Banks have money to lend and personal savings are at record levels. Business investment and travel are going up; profits are improving and employers are hiring. The stock market is booming, as is the housing market, and the Fed has signaled that interest rates will remain low for the foreseeable future. America is leading the world in recovering from the pandemic induced recession, as it leads in the medical research and drug production which will eventually finish off COVID as a mass killer.

Most of all, we have lived for fourteen months under lockdowns, partial shutdowns, mask mandates, and sometimes arbitrary and even despotic emergency decrees concocted by petty tyrants across the country. The average American (really every American who is not marching in lock step with far left progressive Marxism), desperately wants his or her life back. They want it back NOW, and they are willing to spend money to get it back. So all should be well, and the economy should be ready for a sustained period of record growth. As Americans, we should be positively ecstatic at the prospects that lie before us. What, then, is the problem?

The problem can be summed up in three words: Joe Biden’s administration. Make no mistake- the purveyor of all the terrible ideas which Joe Biden has inflicted or is attempting to inflict on the American body politic is actually the Democrat Party. However, because the Biden administration clearly has no mind of its own, it has quickly fallen under the influence of the very worst elements of that party. There is no other explanation as to how we came to elect an elderly machine politician in obvious physical and mental decline, who used to brag that his home state (Delaware) was once a slave state! There is no other explanation as to how we came to be governed by a man who told us he was a moderate Democrat, then spent the campaign disavowing his fifty year career as a moderate Democrat, and immediately began governing as the most left-wing president in American history!

But here we are, at what should be just the beginning of a renewed period of economic growth for the country and physical and mental release for its battered citizens. Under the second term of Donald Trump, that is exactly where we would presently be, but not under this President. No, even as we are only just reaching the hundredth day of the Biden administration, we are already mired in anxiety and fear about the state of our economy and the future of our country.

China, Russia, Iran and Afghanistan are complicated matters of state. Foreign affairs present issues which may take years or decades to be resolved, if they can be resolved at all. Suffice it to say in this space that Biden’s announcement of the unilateral withdrawal of the few thousand remaining American troops from Afghanistan does not bode well for our standing on the world stage. Let us not forget whence Al Qaeda launched its attacks on the U. S. in 1998 and 2001. Afghanistan will likely fall to one group or another of Islamic fundamentalists when we pull out, and China and Russia will be watching closely for further cues to American weakness. Although it is still early days for this administration, we must give Joe Biden a preliminary failing grade in foreign affairs in his first hundred days.

But the real problem with the Biden administration does not lie in the field of foreign affairs, at least not yet. The problem lies much closer to home, and strikes much deeper than a mere matter of geopolitics. In fact, the problem abides in the very heart of the Democrat Party, and stems from a troubled relationship with the very nation that birthed it. It is, basically, that a very great part of the Democrat Party despises America as it now exists, and wants to tear apart our country to create a Marxist state in its place.

How else can one explain the Biden administration’s push for higher taxes and fees and more regulatory restrictions, even as the economy is pulling out of a severe pandemic-induced recession? Every economist, regardless of party affiliation, well knows that these actions will hinder and prolong the recovery, costing us millions of jobs and hurting the working class most of all. Yet still the Democrats insist on moving forward with these measures, even though Donald Trump has just shown us how to unleash our economy with lower taxes and less regulation.

How else can one explain the Democrats’ need to voraciously spend incredible amounts of money that we do not actually have, by simply printing it up and handing the bill to repay the money to our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren? We were told this money would be spent on infrastructure, but much the greater part of it will be spent on “human infrastructure”, i. e., Orwellian Newspeak for poorly structured and woefully inefficient and wasteful social programs.

How else can one explain the Democrats’ addiction to expensive and unreliable energy alternatives in the face of increasing evidence that their climate prediction models do not work, and that in any event other countries are the real source of the problem? Cleaner fuels like natural gas are abundantly available right here in the USA, yet, incredibly, the Biden administration is in the process of shutting down the one energy source which has been shown to actually reduce pollution.

And how can one explain the Democrats’ fixation on race, class, and ethnicity, now presented to the country in its most toxic form, critical race theory? Every common sense thought or deed which does not conform to this vulgar and scientifically unsupported theory is routinely attacked as racist, and opponents of the theory are shouted down as being unworthy of even being heard.

Marxism is a dead philosophy everywhere that it is not sustained by brute physical violence. So why is it now fast advancing within the ranks of the Democrat Party, with a virulent racial appendage about which even Marx and Lenin would have disapproved? Critical race theory, if we continue to allow it to be taught in our schools and colleges, will undo the good work of three generations within a few short years.

So we must give the Biden administration a failing economic and social grade for its first hundred days, not just an “F”, but a “CF” for catastrophic failure. This is quite an accomplishment considering that the Biden administration is just one hundred days old. Let us hope that as our trendy suburbanites and cultured “elites” begin to realize the depth of this calamity (you know, the higher taxes, inflation, higher crime, lower growth and lower productivity, loss of open market medical care, loss of school choice, increasingly bitter partisanship, ongoing border crisis, increasing societal dysfunction, etc., etc.), they will vote in ever greater numbers for the Republican alternative.

Blacks, Hispanics, and working class whites are increasingly voting Republican. Let us hope their better off, better educated, and more privileged fellow citizens on the coasts and in the suburbs see the light before the progressive vanguard of the Democrat Party taxes or expropriates them right out of their comfortable bubbles!

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