APPEL: Do You Think John Bel Edwards’ Oil Advocacy Will Bear Fruit?

Our Governor was in Washington, DC yesterday, purportedly begging a Committee of Congress to convince Biden to reopen offshore oil exploration.

“I’m a governor of an energy producing state but also a state that’s on the front lines of climate crisis,” he told the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources..

The four hurricanes that hit Louisiana last year show its vulnerability to increasing, stronger storms, he said during the session livestreamed from Washington.

But, the governor said, a prolonged pause or an abrupt end to new offshore operations would devastate Louisiana’s economy and its ability to restore its vanishing wetlands and work against climate change.

Does he have any chance of succeeding?

Of course not. And trust me, he knew that before he went to Washington.

The neo-socialist Greens run Biden’s policies and their goal is to drive up the cost of gasoline so high that Americans will return to the horse and buggy. Then they will outlaw horses because they give off methane.

He knows that very well, also. And since to no avail he was with Biden just last week, why is he in Washington in the first place? Well, after all he is term-limited and maybe he is there for reasons other than to waste time before a Committee that will do nothing for us.

Back home in Baton Rouge the Legislature is in full swing. Has anyone heard one thing from the Governor about his plans for Louisiana’s future, what he would offer to get our economy out of the gutter? One thing, anything at all?

I didn’t think so.

People, our state is on autopilot and will be for three more years while the governor plans his future. If you voted for him under the mistaken expectation that he would actually try to make Louisiana better, I am sorry.

For the rest of us, well we knew better, didn’t we?

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