Joe Biden Forgot Who Kevin McCarthy Is Yesterday

That isn’t the worst of Biden’s mistakes, as McCarthy, the House minority leader, isn’t the most memorable figure in Washington though he’s extremely likely to become either Speaker of the House or House Majority Leader after next year’s elections and that would make him quite memorable indeed.

But Biden was speaking almost immediately after he’d met with McCarthy, and still forgot who he is. And that’s less defensible.

Of course, Biden also forgot who Lloyd Austin is back in March, and that was immediately after he’d met with the Secretary of Defense following Austin’s promotion of two women to general on International Women’s Day…

And of course there was the State of the Union speech which was a hot, sloppy mess.

Biden is basically an intellectual null set at this point. The world knows it, which is why everywhere in the world there could be a foreign policy hot spot there is one – Yemen, Afghanistan, the South China Sea, Israel, even our own southern border.

And of course the weak leadership emanating from the White House encouraged a bunch of Russian hackers to attack the Colonial Pipeline, knowing there wouldn’t be negative consequences for doing it. And after a few days of denying the pipeline, which supplies half the eastern United States with fuel, would cause any major economic disruption as 1970’s-style gas lines started forming, the Biden administration apparently suggested to Colonial that they pay the hackers’ demanded ransom.


Which won’t be provocative at all.

Prices are skyrocketing, 1970’s-style, which isn’t a surprise – when you debase your currency by setting loose trillions of dollars in government swag, effectively paying people not to work, which leads to them not working and interferes with the production of goods and services, nobody ought to be surprised when supply can’t catch up with demand and prices rise accordingly.

That’s freshman economics and the President of the United States, or more specifically the people handling him because he certainly doesn’t seem cognitively sufficient for freshman anything, doesn’t have a clue about it.

Not to mention there was this…

It’s a disaster. It’s frightening. Halfway around the world they’re panicking. Sky News Australia’s Alan Jones pulled no punches a few days ago…



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