APPEL: A Compromise On Infrastructure? What’s Being Compromised?

If I am interpreting the news correctly a number of GOP Senators by agreeing to a “Compromise” infrastructure bill with the President may have led us into a dangerous trap. A dangerous trap because in exchange for their compromise they did not get a commitment from Biden not to sign an infamous Reconciliation bill.

Worse Biden is now on record saying the opposite, that he will not sign the Compromise bill unless the multi trillion-dollar socialist takeover of the US economy by Reconciliation legislation passes first. And Pelosi and Schumer will move that monstrosity quickly.

“Biden threw his weight behind that strategy during a White House press conference later in the day, telling reporters he would not sign the bipartisan proposal without a separate “human infrastructure” and climate change package that includes his other economic priorities. He suggested that he supported Pelosi’s strategy to not move on the $953 billion package until the Senate passes the reconciliation bill.

“If they don’t come, I’m not signing. It’s real simple,” the president said.”

If infrastructure had not been carved out, the GOP would have had more leverage to fight a Reconciliation bill. But now it seems Pelosi/Schumer will bypass the GOP with Reconciliation and put the GOP in a spot. And Biden’s underling Cedric Richmond said over the weekend, “we’ll sign both.”

If the GOP votes for the Compromise, Biden and his socialist allies will get it all and the GOP will have voted for a big chunk of it. If the GOP votes against the Compromise bill the Dems will skewer them for not giving the people what they want. If the GOP votes for the Compromise and somehow stops Reconciliation and Biden does not sign the Compromise the Dems will also skewer the GOP for killing highly popular infrastructure legislation. In the case that both bills get signed the Dems will run in 2022 on all the freebies given to the people, freebies whose payment will not come due until their grandchildren are of age.

Of course, I am here, and the GOP Senators are there. I can only hope that I am interpreting this wrong, and they have a different strategy that will prevent the socialists from destroying the freedoms that have led to our prosperity. But I am afraid that once again we have been hoodwinked into a one-sided compromise that will blow up in our face.

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