The Score Keeps Mounting From Cassidy’s Washington Generals Performance

In case you didn’t see it, here was noted member of the GOP’s Washington Generals starting five Sen. Bill Cassidy, appearing for Fox 8 in New Orleans on Friday night to discuss this purported “deal” on infrastructure that he’s touting.

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, R-Louisiana, says the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure package he helped to put together will greatly benefit his home state. But Cassidy also thinks an ultimatum by President Joe Biden could threaten GOP support for the proposal.

“Louisiana will have tremendous benefits, I may even say disproportionate relative to the rest of the country, so not only is it the largest infrastructure bill, as I tell folks a bridge is coming to a town near you but also there is $47 billion for resiliency,” said Cassidy.

This resiliency funding could be used for coastal restoration projects. Louisiana’s coastline remains fragile.

“So, that is ideal for Louisiana,” said Cassidy.

The bipartisan proposal includes $109 billion for roads and bridges, $312 billion for transportation and $65 billion for broadband needs.

“If you think about the child growing up in Opelousas, she or he may not have access to everything that you would have in New Orleans, the Russian professor, the person that teaches physics, all those things that we know she or he needs to achieve their potential,” said Cassidy about expanding broadband access.

And while the compromise infrastructure package Cassidy helped to put together is much smaller than what President Biden originally proposed, it still includes $16 billion for ports and waterways.

“I’m very sensitive to that, always very much inquiring what do we do about our ports and there is ports and waterways have a lot of investment,” said Cassidy.

Interestingly enough, that child growing up in Opelousas is likely to owe more to Elon Musk than Bill Cassidy for having access to high-speed internet rivaling that which folks in New Orleans enjoy.

But the problem with this infrastructure deal is that the GOP opposition to it isn’t that Republicans don’t want to build infrastructure; it’s that they want to restrict the spending to roads, bridges, ports, drainage and civil engineering projects, and the like. Biden and the Democrats think Green New Deal stupidity is infrastructure, and so is stuff like socialized child care. And the Democrats are openly planning on passing a bill through the budget reconciliation process, which is being written by Bernie Sanders, no less, which can’t be filibustered and which they can pass on a party-line vote in both houses., That would include trillions of dollars in spending – $6 trillion is the figure being thrown around – on garbage like that.

The entire point of this deal was to give Biden a bipartisan win in exchange for that reconciliation bill with all the trash spending in it not happening.

So Biden holds a press conference with Cassidy and four other GOP senators – Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, as well as five Democrats who also helped negotiate this deal – on Thursday, and Cassidy gets to brag about how “a bridge is coming near you” that one assumes he wants his name on, and no sooner do the ten Senators clear the White House grounds than he repudiates the central premise of the deal. Biden says he won’t sign this bipartisan thing unless he also gets the reconciliation piece as well.

Asked about that on Friday, Cassidy suddenly recovered his fighting spirit, or something.

Cassidy says Biden’s comments were a surprise.

“First, that was different than what the president told us privately, a different impression. As one of his defenders says, you know, the president occasionally misspeaks so we’ll see how the next couple of days happen,” he said.

Cassidy hopes Biden’s stance will not unravel the deal he helped to negotiate.

“So, I’m hoping that we continue in good faith, and it won’t be as if we crafted something just to give the president a point of leverage to get something that Republicans disagree with,” he said.

He said if Biden’s ultimatum could cause him to withdraw his support for the bipartisan proposal:

“I can tell you that if the latter is the case the bill won’t pass, it just won’t. It’ll be a breakdown of trust between the two sides,” said Cassidy.

You don’t say, Bill.

Biden “occasionally misspeaks?” This might be the most lucid Biden’s been since he started running for president.

After he said that, Sen. Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor and gave a spot-on assessment of what Biden actually did.

Sure, after his initial statements Biden walked back what he said. Kind of. He said it wasn’t that he was threatening to veto the bipartisan infrastructure package. He just said that he wasn’t going to stop pushing the partisan garbage bill.

And that line of BS actually worked. Maybe not on Cassidy, but on others on the Washington Generals’ roster.

Specifically Portman and Romney. Who both say they’re good with this business of giving the Democrats a bipartisan win to go with their $6 trillion partisan ram-it-down-your-throat bill which ramps up corporate taxes (all of which is inflationary, if not hyper-inflationary).

It’s really something watching this Harlem Globetrotters-Washington Generals fiasco. These guys wanted to give Biden an infrastructure deal so badly that they were willing to treat with him even when it was obvious he was going to force the $6 trillion down their throats.

What do you get out of that, Bill? Is it that you get to feed at the trough some? A little more cash for coastal restoration and a bridge in Lake Charles? It’s hard to say that’s a good trade given the damage the Sanders reconciliation piece is likely to do.

And now Cassidy says his colleagues will step away from this bipartisan deal if Biden does what he’s been clearly saying he’ll do. Except they aren’t. Portman and Romney are both saying they’re fine going through with this so long as Biden doesn’t veto the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The problem with playing for the Washington Generals isn’t just that the game is rigged for the Globetrotters to win it. It’s that you don’t even get to know what the rules are while you’re playing. You go in for a layup and they pull your pants down. And the crowd laughs at you while you wonder how it happened.

Falling for this the first time is bad enough. But Cassidy and the rest of the Generals always fall for it. They’ve been baited and switched so many times Democrats laugh at them when they see them coming up the street. It’s no longer earnestness, it’s idiocy.

There shouldn’t be a single Republican on board with anything Joe Biden or the Democrats propose if Bernie Sanders is going to write the budget reconciliation bill. The Senate ought to be on full lockdown, its gears ground to an absolute halt, until Republicans get to have input on that reconciliation piece. Instead, they’re out there trying to pass a bipartisan infrastructure package the Democrats denied Donald Trump for four years when he was begging for one.

The Globetrotters just scored again. And again. And again.

Pull up your pants, Bill. Your drawers are showing.

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