APPEL: Still Stuck With Obamacare, Thanks To The Supremes

The media and Democrats are over the moon with joy that the Supreme Court, on technical grounds, blocked a state challenge to Obamacare. Most believe that the challenges are over, and Obamacare is locked into the American way of life.

From a purely political perspective if I were a Democrat or one of their many allies in the media, I would not be so ecstatic. It may well be that the Democrats have won a battle but have lost the war.

Here is what I mean. The GOP has done a terrible job in responding to the Democratic challenge that the GOP boogeyman has been planning to take away healthcare. In truth Democrats using this fear tactic have done a masterful job in convincing Americans of the validity of their charge.

Democrats are joyful that they have beaten the GOP, but as an aside their victory has resulted in the loss of their most powerful political weapon. If the GOP understands the opportunity that this ruling has handed up and they allow the conflict over healthcare to be relegated to the back pages, then Democrats will have lost the Sword of Damocles that they have successfully hung over the head of GOP candidates for decades.

What else can Democrats campaign on? Open borders, high crime rates, lost prestige in the world, inflation, socialism, raising taxes, declining Dem-run cities, ….? Democrats have spent decades creating the message that Obamacare was synonymous with healthcare as they knew that healthcare was by far the strongest issue that they had. And now in a flash it is gone. Unless the GOP foolishly chooses to contest it, going forward the Supreme Court ruling will have emasculated the whole Democrat political strategy.

The GOP must just let Obamacare slip into history and not allow Democrats reignite the issue. The GOP must concentrate on the middle class that the Democratic Party has given up in exchange for their far-Left, even socialist, wing. The GOP does this by concentrating on pocketbook issues and public safety. Just as the GOP had no response to Obamacare, the Democrats have no response to these middle class issues.

Democrats may have won the healthcare battle, but in doing so they may well have lost the war to control the political landscape for many decades to come.

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