You Might Notice We’re Less And Less Active On Facebook. Here’s Why.

You might notice that we’ve slowed down a bit in posting Hayride links on our Facebook page. There’s a reason for that, which has to do with the fact that this platform has declared war on us and is actively suppressing our content such that the more things we post in a day the less engagement all of them receive.

But secondly, we’ve all but given up on Facebook as an outlet for our content because that platform and the people who operate it are, quite literally, the enemy.

Facebook’s founder spent almost $400 million to promote electoral irregularities, if not outright theft, during the 2020 presidential election. Facebook routinely shows partisan political bias in the content it promotes and censors. Facebook intentionally misled the public as to the origins of COVID-19 and how it could be successfully treated.

We’re suggesting that people vacate that platform, because for these and lots of other reasons they don’t deserve your business. We can’t do that if we’re still maintaining a robust presence there. So we’re scaling back with an eye toward going away forever.

Which is not to say we’re leaving social media.

Quite exactly the opposite.

We’ve launched our own app, which we think has the potential to serve the market in a far fairer, more democratic and freer fashion. You may have heard of The Speakeasy, but if you haven’t this is your invitation to check it out, download it and join us there. If you’re a Hayride fan you can get access to the site AD-FREE through our dirt cheap premium subscription, there are podcasts, wide-open discussions on topics from home improvement to sports to movies as well as politics, and other publishers are beginning to build presences on the app as well.

So hit this link and have a look. We’ll see you at The Speakeasy!

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