BAYHAM: America 2021, From ICU To The Mental Ward

On Sunday America celebrated its 245th birthday in a far less subdued way than last year.

While COVID-19 has not gone away, its toll on lives and livelihoods is no longer as severe as it was due to vaccinations (Trump’s greatest achievement).

Furthermore, even those who once embraced social separation and mask-wearing have had their former fervor for compliance supplanted by fatigue.

Yes, even the Left can only handle so much Leftism… especially if it actually applies to them..

The bluest precincts have crept back from their lockdowns as the pols seek to restart local economies and attempt to stagger back to normalcy.

But those questionably effective (don’t take my word for it, take Fauci’s private view) drug store masks aren’t the only things getting removed.

Mercifully, one of the most disturbing visuals of large-D and not small-d Democratic rule will be coming down when the perimeter fencing is removed from around the US Capitol, the seat of American democracy.

America has had a rough go since the coronavirus spread from Wuhan, Communist China, and arrived on the west coast from Asia and the east coast via Europe.

The deadly virus has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and in many cases those who survived severe infections, including this writer, have continued to battle lasting complications stemming from COVID-19.

I’ve spent more time in doctors’ offices in 2020 and 2021 alone than I had the previous decade.

Worse yet our capacity to vent and express our contempt towards Beijing for their role in exacerbating the virus’ spread has been decried as hate-speech and on-line discussion about the possibility (or rather probability) that the virus originated from a bio-weapons lab and not a bat-filled cave in rural China has been aggressively suppressed by Facebook.

Worse, even discussing potential medicines, including hydroxychloroquine, that have been used by medical professionals to treat infected people has been verboten on some social media platforms yet questionable weight loss powder scam advertisements interrupt practically half the videos on YouTube.

Far from being held accountable for the spread of COVID, Communist China recently spiked the football in grand fashion celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of its Communist Party, an entity with more blood on its hands than any other political apparatus in the history on the world.

Pretty soon criticizing Red China’s suppression of its citizens and the regime’s crimes against humanity will be jammed by domestic “Fact Checkers” questioning the veracity of such accusations and perhaps categorizing any and all comments about the Chinese regime as racist and hate speech.

Look how ex-wrestler and b-movie actor John Cena was made to broadcast what looked like a forced confession just for having referred to Taiwan as a country.

It was as if Cena was forced to tap out in Mandarin.

Our country had been torn asunder by racial strife, riots, pillaging, and looting across the nation’s Democratic-run cities.

Adding to the chaos has been the demonization law enforcement and self-defeating act of defunding police. It did not take long for Democratic precincts to reap the bitter harvest of their virtue signaling becoming a trial policy as violent crime has jumped and law enforcement recruitment has unsurprisingly stalled due to this NGO-conceptualized, media-engineered, and politician-made public safety crisis.

The big question is will the city governments regain their sanity and walk back their complicity in the crime wave, or will they spinelessly punt the ball to DC to create an American gendarmerie that is accountable to the federal government and not local authorities?  Stay tuned.

Racialist reprogramming has spread like wildfire, reaching the classroom and the work place. Self-loathing, self-flagellation, and self-incrimination are all the rage as the religious concept of “original sin” had been appropriated by Wokesters and assigned to those of a particular skin color with inherited guilt being exponential for those born into comfort.

This is a stark reversal for a country that once prided itself as a place where your previous circumstances did not necessarily limit your opportunities.

Born lucky has transitioned first to born privileged then to born guilty.

I won’t even bother diving into the Miss(ter) Nevada USA absurdity. It is what it is and our acceptance or rejection of it will reveal what we are as a country.

Do we really follow the science of reality or the mass scurrying lemmings of leftism?  Does truth still exist or has it been reduced to a construct mummified in psychobabble terms dutifully bleated on Twitter by those straining to maintain their own conformity with rapidly transitioning political fashions?

America rightfully distrusts the media, which has become a hydra of leftist messaging that is more concerned with advancing partisan narratives than communicating information.

And confidence in our election system has been shaken, justly so.

Four years ago a massive investigation was launched over alleged collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

Democrats are consistent in one area: the refusal to accept any defeat in a presidential election as legitimate. With the lone exception of Reagan’s 49-state landslide, there’s been a wild Democratic conspiracy attached to every GOP win since 1980.

And in their world, memes and social media bots have more effect than the arbitrary changing of election rules in the midst of a national campaign, particularly as it relates to balloting months in advance.

The Democrats saw COVID-19 as an opportunity and they made the most of it.

America is currently reigned over by a man whose actual state of mental acuity frighteningly reveals itself every time he appears on camera, and a deputy who lacks the confidence of not just the opposing party but according to the stream of news reports, the very administration she serves in.

And to think this pair actually have our nuclear weapon codes and our civil liberties within their grasp.

While America is almost out of the coronavirus woods, our society is becoming ever captive to cultural Marxism.

We must be as resolute fighting to save the American spirit from the Neo-Bolsheviks as we were in battling to save American lives throughout COVID.

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