GURVICH: Remember The Flip-Flopping Senators In The Years To Come

Yesterday, three Republican Senators (Louis Bernard, Pat Connick, and Franklin Foil) flipped their “yea” votes in support of Jay Morris’ SB118 during the regular session to “nay” votes during the veto override session, for some reason known only to them. As a result, SB118, which clearly articulated the right of every law-abiding adult over the age of twenty-one to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense, is probably dead. These three Senators will have to live with their consciences, as well as their constituents, in the coming years. Be assured that a bill or bills formally recognizing the constitutional right of citizens to carry weapons in self-defense will come up again and again until it becomes law!

But in the meantime the veto override session continues apace, and there are important remaining bills to be salvaged from John Bel’s paroxysm of veto-casting rage:

Sen. Beth Mizell’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Bill, SB156, passed out of the Senate yesterday and is due for a House vote at any time. I have said it before but I think it bears saying again: No self-respecting Republican legislator should even consider upholding the Governor’s veto override of a bill which protects women and girls from having to compete against biological males.

It shouldn’t matter what bribes John Bell is offering or what threats he is making- this bill protects women’s right to safely participate and compete in sports, and that must be worth far more than any cushy state job or bridge or highway in one’s district. In addition to dashing the hopes and dreams of millions of women and girls, serious injuries or worse will inevitably follow if the veto of this bill is not overridden. How could any legislator live with that on his or her conscience?

The other remaining bill worthy of special note is Rep. Blake Miguez’ HB20, which prohibits the unchecked and unaccounted for use of Zuckerbucks (and other billionaires’ private loot) to fund our public elections.  $400M of unaccounted for private money was spent by Mark Zuckerberg to get out the vote in several dozen highly Democratic areas during the 2020 presidential election. The money was touted as private aid to make voting safer during the COVID pandemic, but was instead used by Democrat groups to covertly increase the turnout of their voters.

In an election wherein so many states were decided by so few votes, this scheme most certainly affected the result of the election. Another such biased election will likely destroy this republic, and no Republican legislator should hesitate for a moment to override the Governor’s veto of this bill.

Republican Party of Louisiana


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