There’s A Rally At The Capitol For The Veto Session Today…

…it’ll take place on the Capitol steps at 5:30.

The rally is in support of multiple bills the Louisiana Legislature will be debating veto overrides on, chief among them will be SB 156, the bill protecting girls’ sports from a transgender invasion, and SB 118, which would establish constitutional carry in Louisiana as Texas has done.

Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed both bills. He also vetoed 29 others covering a host of very important issues like election integrity, state funding of far-left radical teachers’ unions, vaccine mandates and financial accountability of local school systems, among others.

Those vetoes were an unmasking. They indicated just who John Bel Edwards really is, something close observers of Louisiana politics already knew.

Namely, that he is a far-left radical national Democrat in the guise of a moderate. Edwards defends Louisiana’s status-quo governmental structure, because it prioritizes the desires of its political class and connected fatcats at the expense of the productive sector, and he has stood in the way of reform in an almost unbroken string of opposition. Meanwhile, faced with a choice of supporting the people of Louisiana or the pronouncements of the Democrat Party in Washington he chooses the latter every time.

It’s actually good that we as a state know this about John Bel Edwards. We should have known it before the 2019 election; he would never have been re-elected. For his first four years in office Edwards was protected, mostly by the Louisiana Senate. Bills which would have exposed Edwards’ radicalism on questions of culture and governance passed the House and then were killed across the marble because Edwards’ lickspittle floor leader John Alario would shunt them off to unfavorable committees where they would die. He very rarely had to veto anything, and if he did there was no discussion of those vetoes being overridden.

Which was why neither Ralph Abraham nor Eddie Rispone had any obvious mobilizing issues to run against Edwards on, and neither campaign had the ability to drum up anything to crystallize voter sentiment against him.

Because the proof of Edwards’ radicalism wasn’t obvious. Because you didn’t have the record you have now.

The grassroots pressure to conduct this veto session has been, by all indications, larger than anything which has come down the pike in a long time. We’re hoping that will translate into a big, loud, impressive crowd at the Capitol steps at 5:30 today.

Louisiana’s legislators need to know the people of the state are watching and that we want them to do the job they were elected to do. Most of them were put into office with far larger margins than Edwards was, and they ran on nearly opposite values to the ones he’s showing he possesses. It’s time for the people of Louisiana to take primacy over its governing class, and the legislators are the implements for it.

Let’s make sure they know it and understand it. Join us on the Capitol steps and let’s get loud.

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