BAYHAM: A Two-Tiered COVID Tyranny Is Coming To New Orleans

I hope the Who Dat Nation has their papers in order this football season.

And you’ll still need to bring your mask as narcs positioned around the stadium will report non-complying fans to enforcers on their radios.

In what was a predictable yet nonetheless very disturbing “mutation” of our formerly free society, people who want to attend a Saints game, eat in a restaurant, or go to a gym in New Orleans will not only have to be vaccinated but provide documentation, either electronic or paper, that you’ve been vaccinated or provide a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours.

How any of this is constitutional in any way is beyond not just logic but imagination, discriminating against people who either refuse to be vaccinated, left their medical documents at home or lost them, and those who do not want to be financially burdened with having to undergo a COVID-19 test.

And I should add that the state’s LA Wallet app is not exactly the best means of verification as my own vaccination record has yet to be linked to it despite having received my double shot of Moderna many months ago.

Worse yet the burden of checking on vaccine status will be on private businesses, inviting potentially ugly confrontations and city official harassment of establishments who are not thorough enough in enforcing the mayor’s dictates.

Naturally some places will selectively receive more scrutiny than others.

Furthermore this will coerce employees at these restaurants, bars, gyms, and other places to to receive vaccinations or lose their means of making a living at a time when businesses are struggling to find staff support through this extended paid holiday year from working or having to pay rent.

Litigation must be aggressively pursued immediately to challenge these arbitrary onerous edicts summarily imposed upon private businesses and citizens by City Hall lest the envelope continues to be pushed forward and liberty becomes a disposable annoyance.

If Communist China intentionally launched this plague upon the world to reorient societies to their standard- because state social and commercial control of people is very much in line with their ideal of a manageable population, then Beijing has succeeded wildly beyond any reasonable expectation while American political leaders have failed the people and the oaths they have taken.

It helps that the party of “Blame America First & China Never” controls the federal government and practically every large city administration in America.

Of course there’s the astounding double-think going on regarding the southern border as illegal immigrants with COVID can access America though vaxless Who Dats can’t enter the Superdome.

Who’d have thought you’d need to have papers to enter a Burger King?

As I’ve stated before I’ve had COVID and I didn’t need it to put me down for the count to take the virus seriously.

And despite precautions I contracted it early last year. I’ve also received two shots of the vaccine, wagering its effects could not possibly be worse than what felt like Sherman’s March through My Major Organs.

And as this virus keeps changing itself and staying ahead of the Three Stooges running the WHO and the CDC, future infringements of our freedoms are inevitable without a public pushback for a power covetous state will not relinquish authority on their own volition.
They’ve grown too accustomed to this novel extra-constututional empowerment that has largely gone unchallenged.

To restrict public access to state-owned facilities and deny some individuals based upon their vaccine status the freedom to eat in restaurants or patronize other businesses sets a dangerous precedent and ushers back into America a two-tiered society, divided by the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

This is about far more than football; the normalization and increasing acceptance of rule by fiat will have dire consequences for America.
Additional social and travel restrictions are doubtlessly in the works as Washington explores ways to further restructure society as we know it, our rights and well-being be damned.

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