The Zombie Advocate’s Faceless Hacks Continue Their War On Jeff Landry

If you still spend time with the zombie newspaper The Advocate, one of the things you will soon notice is that they put their most cowardly, cheap-shot editorials under the byline of “Our Views.” That’s supposed to represent the collective wisdom of the zombie Advocate’s editorial staff, but as we understand it, it’s usually either Mark Ballard or Lanny Keller who writes those pieces.

But Keller likes to pass himself off as a “moderate,” which is a farce, as he’s nothing of the sort, and Ballard isn’t a particularly courageous sort – he doesn’t want to so aggravate Republicans in the state legislature in his role as the paper’s capitol bureau chief as to poison what access they would be willing to give him.

So when these “Our Views” come out, it’s a pretty good rule that whatever is in there is probably something the real author would find it inconvenient to put his name behind.

Such is clearly the case with today’s missive, which is a rather personal, largely unprofessional, attack on Louisiana’s Attorney General.

Here was an email that Jeff Landry sent out to his staff on Monday…


Since my email to you last week, I have received comments and concerns about your kids and grandkids going back to school in a few short days. As a father, I greatly appreciate your worries; and as Attorney General, I greatly respect your questions.

Protecting the health and well-being of our children is of utmost importance, and it is a goal of mine. In that light, I write to offer some information for the many wanting to safeguard their loved ones’ mental, social, and emotional wellness from government mandates.

Louisiana law offers robust and broad protections for students’ and parents’ religious and philosophical objections to certain state public health policies. I support your religious liberties and your right to conscientiously object. As such, I have attached two sample exemption request letters that you may edit to fit your family’s situation.

Please know this is not legal advice; rather, it is providing you with information that you may choose to use. My position remains unchanged: I trust you to make proper decisions for your health and the well-being of your family and our team. And I continue to pray that you all stay safe and keep up your great public service for Louisiana’s people.

If I may ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. My door remains open to you.


There isn’t anything particularly earthshaking in the form letters Landry passed along; they just talk about what everybody’s rights are with respect to masks and vaccines. It turns out that you do have the right to object, whether it’s on religious grounds or other philosophical grounds, to the idea that you’re forced to accept a foreign substance being injected into your body – particularly if that substance hasn’t yet been officially approved by the FDA.

Which is not to say that vaccine refusal is a good idea. It’s merely to say that it’s a right people have.

But it doesn’t sound like Mark Ballard or Lanny Keller or whichever other faceless coward on the zombie Advocate’s editorial staff who wrote today’s assault on Landry for apprising his employees of their legal rights with respect to mask and/or vaccine mandates is too impressed with those rights.

The word “disingenuous” is usually taken to mean somebody who says something they don’t really mean.

The word doesn’t do justice to Louisiana’s attorney general, Jeff Landry.

His smarmy politicking in ostensibly nonpartisan “advice” to employees of the Department of Justice shows the attorney general craving attention at the expense, more than theoretically, of children’s health.

See that? They just accused Landry of hurting children.

Serious health effects from COVID-19 are rare for children under 18. Getting the virus and processing through it as a kid will give you long-lasting immunity to it. Remember chicken pox?

Lots of people, maybe even a majority of people, believe it’s safer to have their kids get it and get through it than expose them to a vaccine we don’t know all the side effects of.

Let’s remember that Liz Murrill, the Solicitor General of the state of Louisiana, who is an exceptionally bright and conscientious woman, and without question far more accomplished than Mark Ballard or Lanny Keller will ever be, just went through an absolute nightmare with her teenaged son developing heart damage as a direct result of taking a vaccine. His situation is rare, but it has happened enough that there is a real discussion of this as a side effect to COVID vaccines.

But Jeff Landry, who knows about and was quite impacted by Murrill’s story, is hurting children and merely seeking attention by telling his employees that if they object to being forced to risk what happened to the Murrills they have options.

This is the kind of piss-poor, dishonest argumentation you might expect from a zombie paper like the zombie Advocate.

Is there more to the editorial? Sure. It embraces both mask and vaccine mandates as “good for public health” and attacks Landry’s religious-objection form letter because it contains quotations from Scripture – which is a vague attack on Landry on the grounds of the Establishment Clause. That’s utter nonsense, and the zombies know it, so it’s merely hinted at rather than fleshed out for all to identify the stupidity and lazy thinking behind it.

We usually let the intellectually flaccid hacks of the zombie Advocate slide on their faceless “Our Views” columns. Most of them aren’t worth the time.

But this one was so obnoxious and so morally and intellectually indefensible we couldn’t let it go. And since left-wing foundations have jumped in to prop up the zombie Advocate and prevent the market from dealing that zombie paper the death and burial its employees have worked so hard to prepare for it, it’s no longer viable to just ignore the filth emanating from its presses.

Editor’s Note: No, we’re not linking to the zombie Advocate. They cite things from the Hayride all the time and never provide links, so we’re treating them similarly.

UPDATE: By request, we’ve got copies of the two letters Landry put out to his employees.

Here’s the one on religious objections to the mandates; and

Here’s the one for philosophical objections.

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