BLANCO: How I Became a Republican (and what I’ve learned since) Part IV

Editor’s Note: Here is the final installment of Jeff Blanco’s four-part series on becoming a Republican. See Part I here, Part II here, and Part III here.

Through my years of meeting people of various backgrounds, be they black, brown, white, or whatever country they are from, most people are decent folks who basically want the same things. They want to earn a decent living, they want to take care of their families, and they want to enjoy life.

Unfortunately every group has some people that don’t represent their group well and we all fall short somehow.

When it comes to racism, there is a certain group of white people who tell you who they are by how they judge their own race. Can you really trust somebody who is selling out their race for their own personal benefit? If it’s fair to hold all white people accountable for acts that happened before they were born, then isn’t fair to hold the Democrat party accountable for what they did 100 years ago?

And isn’t it absolutely fair to hold white liberals accountable for their racist actions today?

One needs to look no further than how Larry Elder was treated during the recall election in California. Can you think of one single white liberal who condemned the outright racism that Larry Elder endured?

While minorities have legitimate concerns about police brutality, and most of the protesting last year was peaceful, there was a certain group of white people who consistently undermined the message with their violent acts of burning buildings, harassing people, and in some cases, physically harming people. I’m sure if you would give them a big wooden cross, they would have proudly burned that too.

Don’t believe me? Take the hoods off Antifa and see their white faces.

Sure, they have a few minorities in their ranks that they hide behind, but there have always been some whose duty was to keep people in line in exchange for the fruits of the house. And where were the white liberals to condemn the undermining of the message? (For the record I don’t think most police officers are demons, but I don’t believe every one of them is an angel.)

White Liberals love to hashtag BLM, but they adopt the shortened version because what they really mean is simply too long for a hashtag- Black lives matter only when shot by a white police officer during an election year.

Do they care about the murder rate of which minorities are largely the victim? Do they support the Margaret Sanger school of thought that minorities should be convinced to limit their own population through abortion? Do they think minorities are too stupid to have a driver’s license? And if they think minorities can’t get an I.D. to vote, then they must certainly believe that minorities are incapable of having a vaccine passport, which they want to require to be able to go out to eat or go grocery shopping.

And who would “defunding the police” hurt? We all would suffer some as the police contribute to all of us in many ways. Who keeps the traffic moving when there’s an accident? Whose presence prevents crime from happening? And who would be disproportionately victimized by crime by removing those officers?

But the wealthy white liberals hidden in their suburban hills guarded with private security will remain isolated from the brunt of crime.

White liberals usually think they are special, that part I don’t mind. After all, life offers outstanding educations, eventually, for people who think they are special. But when they think they are so special that they feel they have to define what is racism to minorities, that they have to explain racism to minorities, and that they need to do all the fighting because they think minorities are too weak to stand up for themselves? There’s no shortage of white liberals basking in their superiority to lecture us about how something is racist, because, apparently minorities need it defined for them by white liberals. They see white people as superior, and they see themselves as the most superior of the superior.

Do you really see white liberals surrendering their spots in universities so that a minority can take their place? Other than reiterating that minorities have no hope in life and creating dependency on them, what do White Liberals actually contribute to lift minorities up? Their message is always the same, meant to demoralize people of different skin colors and ethnic backgrounds. Always telling minorities that they can’t succeed, to give up, and that the only way they can have a better future is to become dependent on the Ruling Class. They’ve even one-upped their message recently to suggest that freedom is selfish – just watch the scolding about COVID vaccination and reticence on the part of black and Hispanic communities. Would they also say that the slave who runs away is selfish for not looking out for the common good of the plantation?

Life isn’t easy for anybody and success requires hard work. There are two people that you will need to believe in you to succeed, God and yourself. God already believes in you, the rest is up to you.

That’s reality, and liberals won’t tell you that there will be times you will feel like quitting, the white liberal will just encourage you to quit with their excuses.

But there really are people of different races who are willing to help you. White liberals would have you not trust the people who will actually help. You will have have obstacles that you will need to overcome and white liberals will tell you that your obstacles are only there because of your race. The reality is, the obstacles in life aren’t meant to stop you, they are there for you to conquer. There is no pride in saying “I quit;” there is pride in looking back and saying, “Look at what I overcame.” And your deepest fears? The more you face them, the more those fears go away.

If you’re a minority, I challenge you, when you meet a white person, first find out his or her politics. If he’s a Republican, take the Democrat position. If she’s a Democrat, take the Republican position. There, depending on who you’re talking to, you will see real racism and intolerance. As Nikki Minaj recently discovered, I’ll bet you’ll discover why it takes both brains and courage to be a minority and a Republican. Maybe you’ll begin to understand that where the roads are crumbling the Democrat party is, and why you’ll find success by daring to find independence.

I don’t believe all white people are racist. All through American history there have been white people who fought to improve the lives of minorities in America. I don’t even believe that all white liberals are racist. At the same time, I recognize that there are those who seek to benefit from racism by keeping it alive, by making sure that minorities stay oppressed and unsuccessful.

People who are so willing to sell out their own crowd, as the white liberals make virtue of being, won’t hesitate to stab you in the back. They blame all white people today for what happened over the last four hundred years, but are quick to wash away the historical racism of the Democrat party by saying “that changed 60 years ago.”

The road running from the Democrat party to independence is already paved and now many more minorities are taking that road. It’s about to get crowded.

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