Rasmussen Says 52 Percent Of The American People Want Biden Gone

It isn’t crazy to talk about impeachment, it just might be an idea a little ahead of its time. But not a lot ahead, as people have begun to see Joe Biden was the abject disaster that he is.

That Rasmussen poll had Biden at 42 percent approval, including just 24 percent strong approval, and 47 percent strong disapproval. Some 52 percent of those polled said the disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal was worthy of a resignation; only 39 percent disagreed.

We’re thinking the 18 percent weak approval for Biden is something of a phantom number.  We’d bet half those people are either lying to pollsters or they’re so checked out they don’t even care and probably won’t even vote next time around.

How does he have 42 percent approval but only 39 percent say he shouldn’t resign over the Afghanistan debacle? Who are those three percent?

In any event, it’s pretty clear he’s cratering. And the Democrats in Congress are eyeing the exits

House and Senate Democrats are watching President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan with unease, distancing themselves with some Americans left behind in the war-torn country and as Republicans plot to make the issue a major focus heading into the 2022 midterms.

In the wake of Biden’s assurances that no American would be stranded before troops left, and his miscalculation over the power of the Taliban to quickly take over the Afghan government, an array of Democrats are faulting his administration’s handling of the situation and are saying they need answers about the deadly end to the US’ longest war.

Democrats in swing House districts and difficult Senate races are chiding Biden, with the likes of vulnerable Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire whacking “artificial timelines” set by the President to pull out of Afghanistan. There have been few congressional Democrats defending Biden and the Afghanistan withdrawal in recent days, as the President made a national address on Tuesday defending his decision and insisting it was time to end a war no longer in the national interest.

When asked if she believed the administration has handled the withdrawal well, Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell said Tuesday, “I want answers to the questions,” adding that Congress must conduct oversight and the US must help Americans evacuate while assisting with the plight of Afghan women under Taliban rule.


Here’s a case in which the Republican Party needs to start taking up for its voters.

Most GOP voters think that if the election which saddled us with Biden in the White House wasn’t outright stolen it was at least botched and that this presidency has been tainted from the very beginning. The Democrats felt that way about Donald Trump’s somewhat-improbable victory in 2016, and thus embarked on this massive effort to prove out Trump’s illegitimacy through the Mueller investigation and the Trump-Russia hoax. Officialdom within the Democrat Party went full hog on that narrative and engaged in a great deal of chicanery, much of which has resulted in a scandalous lack of accountability for the governmental abuse conducted before and since the 2016 election to smear Trump as a Russian agent.

Well, it turns out all of that was a fraud. And while the legacy media doesn’t want to talk about it, there is a whole lot of evidence in places like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, and not limited to just those places, that there were grave irregularities with the election which might well have turned the outcome.

So we are just as adamant, if not more, than the Democrats were after 2016 that this election wasn’t legitimate and didn’t produce a legitimate president.

But unlike 2016, which produced a president who might have been hated by the opposition party was certainly at least functional and did some things which made undeniable improvements in conditions on the ground here in this country. Energy independence was one. Slowing illegal immigration and creating a bump in the standard of living of average Americans was another. Cutting regulation and sparking economic growth was another. He even got some NATO members to kick in more of their budgets for defense, something which was thought to be impossible.

Again, they didn’t like him, but he was at least doing the job.


Nobody thinks Joe Biden is doing the job. Nobody thinks Joe Biden is making decisions and running the country. Everybody knows he’s mentally compromised and can’t function at the level at which we need a president to function.

And Biden’s approval ratings are tanking. Afghanistan, an unmitigated disaster which has materially affected America’s position in global affairs and has made much more difficult the job of President that Joe Biden already cannot do, has put him in a situation whereby the public no longer thinks he’s passable as the leader of the country.

So while Mitch McConnell is saying that Biden isn’t going anywhere, and we aren’t trying to say McConnell is wrong as a matter of fact – it isn’t a fantasy that Biden might be impeached, per se, but he’s surely not going to be removed – it’s time for the GOP in Congress to start representing its voters.

The play here isn’t just to file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. You do that and it’s personal, and they’ll then sell him as the kind, affable old man being set upon by evil white supremacists, etc. No, what you do is file impeachment articles against the President, the Vice President and the entire foreign policy and national security team.

Tony Blinken. Lloyd Austin. Jake Sullivan. Mark Milley. Ken McKenzie. Victoria Nuland. Ron Klain. Susan Rice. Everybody.

File impeachment articles against the lot of them. Drag each one through the process.

And make those Democrats who are already squirming about how terrible the Afghanistan withdrawal, with abandoned American schoolchildren and the like, truly was make a decision.

Because by filing articles of impeachment against the lot of these cretins Biden has inflicted on us, those Democrats in the House – many of whom see the chances of re-election falling away the worse things get – will have a whole menu of scapegoats to choose from.

Somebody has to go down for Afghanistan. The GOP needs to be able to claim a scalp or two in service to its voters.

It might actually go further than that, of course. Raising hell about articles of impeachment puts pressure on Nancy Pelosi. If she stands in the way of an impeachment of Blinken or Milley, say, it means she backs their job conduct. Which is unbackable. It’s like defending the football coach who goes 0-12 out of the gate with a team expected to make the playoffs; it can’t be done.

And the real payoff here isn’t the removals by impeachment, though those would be wonderful if they happened (they won’t, though a resignation or three would be fairly likely). The real payoff is the impeachment trial, which would result in a lot of high-profile fact-funding the likes of which could lead to some massive reform in places like the Pentagon or the State Department.

Places where the rot and corruption is total.

We want to see an impeachment trial which gets into the question of how foreign aid is really a money-laundering operation for connected swamp rats to pull contracts from the recipient countries and therefore get to rob the U.S. taxpayer. Seeing as though Biden’s people are now talking about giving “humanitarian” aid to the Taliban, now is a great time for all of that to get out in the open. And there’s no better place to do that than an impeachment hearing or trial, when the public is watching intently.

That’s just an example.

Of course, the counter to this is the Republicans are every bit the swamp rats the Democrats are, and why would they break their own rice bowls.

Because we the voters demand it, that’s why. And if it isn’t done we’re going to hire new people to do it.

Start the impeachments. Get aggressive. Make the Democrats stand behind this disaster of an administration, or run for the hills.

It’s time to fight and win. America needs it, and the Rasmussen poll shows America wants it now.

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