VIDEO: Joe Biden Is So Pathetic It’s Hilarious

Last week I had an American Spectator column on how we’re currently being ruled by the Ostrich Party. Joe Biden and his handlers seem to have a pathological aversion to truth and reality, and their ceaseless attempts at spinning things in ways any idiot could see are completely opposite of real life just make things worse and worse.

A taste of that…

There is a good deal of Emily Litella “Neverminding” going on between the administration and its media flack allies as life keeps beating up their narratives. And even more outright refusal to even deal with reality as it is. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, and a terrifying one.

Because you might not care about reality, but reality definitely cares about you.

And it bites, Joe. Reality bites. It bites worse when you suck.

I mention this because Biden just went up to New York and New Jersey to look at storm damage from Ida, and when he was in New Jersey he got heckled perhaps worse than any American president ever has – perhaps with the exception of George W. Bush getting a shoe thrown at him in Iraq.

They really, really let him have it.

It was a shocking moment, one which was even more profound than what happened to Biden when he was in Louisiana Friday to look at Ida damage and had utility linemen turn their backs on him.

And after that, which was a colossal embarrassment in front of the whole country even if the legacy media categorically refuses to cover it, Biden proceeded to go to New York and flat-out lie about what happened…

This is nuts. It’s absolutely unsustainable. The D Team is running around acting like they ran an historic airlift to evacuate people from Afghanistan and got everybody out who wanted to get out, and nobody believes them. They’re actively preventing Americans from being evacuated by private operators in an effort to keep those people from showing them up for their incompetence.

They’re giving the Animal House “All is well!” performance on the economy, which is badly underperforming thanks to stupid, destructive policies of Biden’s.

And on and on.

And now, this doddering, senile old crook is claiming that he received a hero’s welcome in New Jersey and everybody was happy to see him when instead he was getting cursed out and abused by furious residents.

Maybe Biden is so checked out that he had no idea. We doubt that. Biden has been a shameless liar all his life, and there is no reason to believe he’s reformed himself in his dotage. But what’s also true is there are no truth-tellers among his handlers, either.

So they’ll go on ignoring these things, and these things will go on happening, and at some point pretty soon something will happen which can’t be ignored.

What happens then will likely be a lot more fascinating – and frightening – than even we’re seeing now.

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