RUSOVICH: The Ruling Class Sics The FBI On Public School Moms

Nefarious actions afoot by the ruling class and their sycophants in America merit alarm. Paradigmatic of the threats posed to good citizens are the Department of Justice letter attempting to intimidate legitimate parental objections to indoctrination of their children, the serious consideration by Democrats to empower the Internal Revenue Service to snoop on Americans’ bank withdrawals, and the ongoing effort to denigrate law enforcement and glorify criminals.

Let’s begin with the battle between parents and many school boards. Understanding the genesis of this clash helps to shed light on the issue. In 2019, the New York Times launched the 1619 Project directed by Nikole Hannah-Jones. The project concluded that America was not founded in 1776 — but rather in 1619, when the first African slaves arrived on our shores — and that the American Revolution was launched in defense of slavery and not the yearning for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It deemed President Lincoln a racist bent on resettling slaves in Africa. Who knew? This ridiculous, radical left narrative has been largely discredited by most serious and eminent scholars and historians.

The noxious 1619 Project laid the groundwork for Critical Race Theory (CRT) propaganda currently invading public school curriculums across the land. This divisive approach to education focuses students on “systemic racism,” “white traitors” and “white privilege,” among other antagonistic curricula. The CRT premise closely aligns with the 1619 Project as it promotes an America built on a racist foundation that decries whites as “the oppressors” and bemoans non-whites as “the oppressed.” The curriculum endorses a variation of Marxist ideology by inciting division by race rather than class; hence, the parental outrage.

In its usual kowtowing to the education lobby and radical left, team Biden sprang into action after receiving a whining letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA). This missive urged the administration to protect its members from parents and act on the parental “threat” referenced as possible “domestic terrorism.” Team Biden had no problem putting parents in their place. “I am directing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, working with each United States Attorney, to…[address] threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff,” wrote Attorney General Merrick Garland in a memo to FBI Director Christopher Wray and the U.S. attorney generals last week. He pointed to “harassment” and “intimidation” as imminent threats. Really? Garland’s equating of alarmed parents with actual al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists is egregious in and of itself. But he also conveniently forgot to disclose that his daughter, Rebecca Garland, is married to the co-founder of an education resource company that pushes critical race theory and sells it programs for profit to schools. Attorney General Garland should come clean.

Parents are fighting back. According to Asra Nomani, writing for the Federalist, a coalition of parent groups representing 427,000 members countered with a letter to the NSBA, stating “your letter to President Biden is a thinly veiled threat, intended to intimidate into silence and submission the very constituents that your members ostensibly represent.” At a recent Loudoun School Board meeting, one Chinese-American mother asserted, “You are now training our children to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history. Growing up in Mao’s China, all this seems very familiar. The communist authority used the same critical race theory to divide people. The only difference is they used class rather than race.” In a separate emotional speech, African-American mother Sherry warned, “Black kids are turning against white people of all ages. And white kids are hating their parents and their success and heritage and calling them racist.” There we have it: the ruling class versus parents. My bet is on mama and papa bear.

Rest assured that whenever power is corrupted absolutely, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) becomes the preferred weapon of enforcement. President Biden, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and numerous Democrats want banks to report annual cash flows for ordinary account holders. The intrusive scheme proposes that the IRS review every account above a $600 balance, or with more than $600 in transactions annually. It is possible that this minimum threshold will be increased, but it would still affect the average citizen. This assault on freedom is in addition to the current blowout spending bill, which includes $80 billion in new spending for the IRS to hire an army of additional auditors. The ATM is now viewed by the radical left as an ideal mechanism for snooping on Americans’ personal financial transactions. Alarmed yet?

And, of course, no radical left strategy would be complete without denigration of either the military or the police. In the current zeitgeist, the police are the target. As the radical left and their media cohorts spew venom toward cops, violent criminals are murdering Americans in alarming numbers. The FBI reported on September 27 that murders rose by 29.4 percent in the U.S. in 2020 compared to the previous year — one of the largest single-year increases ever recorded in our nation’s history. Police manpower is dwindling. Police departments receive fewer applicants and recruits. More officers are retiring early or changing careers. Remaining officers are discouraged from performing effective proactive policing. George Soros and other squalid national leftist funders are pouring millions of dollars into supporting “defund police” efforts and to elect judges and district attorneys determined to protect violent criminals rather than victims. Meanwhile, polling shows that large majorities of blacks, whites and Hispanics want more cops and consequences for criminals. But public opinion and even the surge in tragic deaths among inner-city innocents can’t squelch the radical left’s insatiable appetite for power and ideological purity.

Resentment of autocratic actions by the ruling class is rising in the country. Americans are willing to bend with political winds, but not break. Just as during our actual founding in 1776, there are simply indispensable values and freedoms which the majority still represent and cherish. Those who seek to diminish those values and freedoms may find themselves on the “ash heap of history.”

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