BLANCO: Seven Rules For Political Campaigning

There are some rules – or if you prefer, facts of life – that are self-evident.

Lebron James is the King of Flop.

Waitr means “wait later.”

The Democrats are a party led by reprobate minds hellbent on absolute authoritarianism.

And an NFL team left Oakland but the Bay Area still has the Raiders.

Sure it’s a matter of opinion and one is entitled to deny anything they wish. For most of us, aren’t these things a consensus? And if it’s a consensus, does it make it a fact?

While the consensus is that Republicans are going to have sweeping gains in the House and should take back the Senate, it’s not a forgone conclusion. I can assure you the Democrats are not going to go down without a fight. Their lust for power means they’ll do anything – anything – to hold on to that power. Sure, they’re neglecting the well being of the American people, giving preferential treatment to anybody but Americans, but come election time, suddenly they will care about black lives again, care about the Latino vote, care about the “working class,” care about all those issues that matter when it comes to election time.

The Democrats’ rules are that there are no rules.

The Republicans do have an advantage, and that’s a very simple question: “Are you better off than you were two years ago?”

While 2020 was a rough year, it was mostly self-inflicted and the damage was done by choice and consensus. There were people who resisted, but most agreed with “two weeks to slow the spread,” and to wear masks to protect others from the virus, and the various things we did that clearly didn’t work.

Think it has?

Two weeks to slow the spread has turned into two years of increasing authoritarianism. Add to the rising cost due to hyper-inflation, depleting our oil reserves while refusing to access our natural resources, surrendering the war on terrorism, protecting criminals who hold poor neighborhoods hostage while taking offense only when those criminals come to upscale neighborhoods, callously leaving our borders unprotected and neglecting the economy.

Now ask yourself, are you better off than you were two years ago? We all know what the answer is.

It’s easy to preach why your side is right and the other side is wrong, but at the end of the election day there is one very simple question that each voter must answer. “How is your personal economy?” If the answer is “fine,” “great,” “okay,” or any affirmative answer, then other issues come into play. The more the answer is “I’m starving and I can’t pay my electricity bill,” the more the incumbent party will suffer their wrath. A political party living in lala-land won’t acknowledge this basic truth.

That’s where we are at today. The current President won’t take any responsibility for what’s happening and he’s quick to blame anything else. It’s the greedy gas companies, the Republicans are standing in his way, everything is fine, gas is higher because you’re better off. Excuse after excuse, and the Democrat party is following him like lemmings off the cliff. 2022 is shaping up to become a Republican landslide, but also an anti-incumbent landslide.

For those who are seeking to run for office or who want to run for office, here are some basic rules you will need to follow in order to be successful, regardless of your political affiliation.

1. Define yourself and your ideas. Make no mistake, you have to offer solutions to the problems and while you may not be able to successfully deliver those solutions, you will at least need to explain them. It isn’t enough to say you’re for or against something. You need a real understanding of what your centerpiece issue is. Yes, Biden hid in a bunker with no real issue and still won. That was the exception to the rule.


2. Define your opponent. Yes it’s mudslinging, but your opponent will do it. Do you really think that dirty SOB you’re running against is going to tell the people the negative things they will do? You can try to run a clean campaign, but you better be prepared with opposition research. The key to a successful opposition research is truth. Don’t make things up, stick to the facts. Elections, like wars, are won or lost before the first shots are fired.

3. Be in it to win it. Once you’re in, you are in and it doesn’t stop until election night. People who like you won’t like you anymore and some people who hated you will suddenly love you. Just remember Victor Hugo’s quote,  “You have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea.” Everybody has skeletons in their closet, but it’s your character that will be either exposed or illuminated.  This goes back to the first rule. If your ideas are worth fighting for, you’ll take the arrows.

4. Acknowledge reality. Politics today seems to be “my side is 100% right and the other side is 100% wrong,” and we forget some basic truths. The majority of police are decent people who are doing a job, though that doesn’t mean every single police officer is a good person. Most immigrants are seeking a better life, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t evil people taking advantage of our open borders. There are racists in the world, but most people are adults who don’t care about what somebody else’s race is. Acknowledging basic truths doesn’t disprove your ideas but it goes to show your level of honesty.

5. Start local. You don’t have to run for Congress, President, or Governor. Start with your city council, or school board. There are a lot of local seats up for grabs and you can get your message out to those voters a lot easier. Too many cities across America are being run into the ground by people who remain unchallenged and the school boards across America sent out a huge invitation for every single seat to be challenged when they sought to send Merrick Garland and his Gestapo out against parents.

6. Don’t let lack of money stop you. Too many people shy away from running for office because they lack money. While it’s true you will need money, your message is far more important.  Don’t be afraid to ask for money. Most people understand that you need the financial help, but before they give, they want to know what your message is.

7. Get involved in Party Politics. You won’t be able to run a campaign by yourself and you need people with experience in politics. Your involvement in your local political party gives you the opportunity to meet with experienced people and allows them to get to know you. You’re not going to win without the ability to make friends. More over, why should anybody help you win if you never helped anybody else win?

2022 is going to be a banner year but it’s those who follow those seven rules who will be successful.



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