BLANCO: The Democrats’ Post-Rittenhouse Rage

This past week we heard the speculation of what Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict would be and eventually found it to rule ‘Not Guilty’ on all counts.

During the week, I kept thinking of the Boston Massacre trial, when British soldiers ambushed innocent Americans and killed five. Isn’t that the way we remember it? As I thought about that trial, I couldn’t help but to wonder what those witnesses felt as they stood right next to people who were intimidating them into their testimony and the courage they must have had to tell the truth. Despite that very clear threat, they spoke the truth. At the time, Boston had a population of about 16,000 people, so it stands to reason that the jury was also easily identifiable. Clearly the soldiers from England couldn’t get a fair trial in Boston, they couldn’t even get an attorney, save one, John Adams.

But as Adams noted “facts are stubborn things.” The jury found that the soldiers perpetrating the Boston Massacre were acting in self defense. Somehow in CNN world, this is proof of racism in our judicial system. If in that treacherous time, where word of mouth convicted and video didn’t exist to set one free, with the animosity towards England brewing and a guilty verdict was demanded, if they could get a fair trial, wouldn’t a 17-year-old boy be afforded the same right?

Do we not have an innate sense of goodness? That if we see a life in the street, don’t we stop, or at least avoid causing physical harm to that life? Wouldn’t most  of us risk our own life to save another? Don’t we abhor witnessing unnecessary physical harm to another person or creature for that matter? It seemed to me that most people would take the risk of personal harm rather than knowingly destroy another person’s life. That’s the vast majority of people. Those who don’t fit that mold we look at and think there’s something mentally gone wrong with those individuals.

I didn’t expect any real protests as most people will recognize that it was indeed self defense. If you were in Rittenhouse’s shoes, would you have that much restraint? What I didn’t expect was the outright lying about the facts in the case, the outright misrepresentation. Not because I think so highly of Democrats and their MSM cohorts, but because it’s hard for me to believe they could possibly be that stupid.  Joe Biden acknowledged the jury’s decision and stands by it, at least momentarily. He’s clearly not the brightest bulb to ever illuminate the West Wing and even he can figure it out. Whether Biden wants to the DOJ to continue to go after Rittenhouse is another story, but at least he’s smart enough to figure out it’s not good politics.

Rep Nadler apparently is dumber than Biden, publicly calling on Herr Garland to use the power of the Gestapo to harass that young man further. This won’t sit well with the vast majority of people. Hearing so many Democrats carry on about the verdict, I just have to shake my head in disbelief. It’s almost as if the Democrat party raided Hunter’s stash and got so superhigh that they drifted off into some fantasyland where Batman is still single and they hope to be his Robin or maybe his batboy.

What is their end goal? To put Rittenhouse in prison because they don’t like that he beat the case?


It doesn’t seem as the Democrats have a plan, that they are a feckless party without leadership. Their current “leader” is a man who couldn’t compete in countless Democrat presidential primaries before Barack Obama made him a non-threatening veep, and only won because he finally ran against people who were worse than him. If he hadn’t been Obama’s Vice President, he probably still would have lost the 2020 primary. He passes the buck and policy to people, people who he nominated. If you watched any of the confirmation hearings and the way the nominees don’t answer simple questions, it becomes clear the only reason they are being nominated is because they can’t get a job doing anything else.

The Democrats are following Biden, who in turns follows the politicians who don’t know what they are doing, who are getting their marching orders from the extremist, who are following CNN and other mainstream media, who then follows orders from the DNC, who gets their orders from the President. It’s a vicious cycle spiraling into an abyss of fatuousness. The Democrat party has become a party that demands loyalty to a consensus, but nobody understands how that consensus was reached. So they double down, then triple down, and triple dog double dare down. It’s about as smart as a coach who is faced with 4th and 29 and decides to run it up the gut for the fourth consecutive play. Then is the post game interview, the coach tells you that was the only option available.

The problem with this is, people can only stomach so much stupidity and lies before they finally turn away. We see this developing in pockets throughout the country, where the Reagan Democrat is turning into the Trump Democrat, where Latinos along the border are abandoning their traditional Democrat roots, and Black Americans are returning to the Republican party. People inherently want the truth, even when it offends them. Yet, the left continues to scream “Foxnews lies” while it’s their favorite networks losing defamation lawsuits.

I can’t recall a single president in my lifetime who was so absent and a party bereft of leadership. Sure similar things have happened in history, after all, there’s nothing new under the sun and doesn’t end well, for anybody. But for an entire party to miss the problems arising, first denying the possibility, then giving lip service to it after the fact hoping the people will forget about it without doing anything to solve the problem and aggrandizing  it seems to me so inconceivably stupid as to only be explained by intentional malice. While truth is often stranger than fiction making the prior a possibility, more and more people can only conclude that the latter is the probability. Regardless, this lowest level of puerility is negligence when done by adults. How low can the Democrats go? I guess they are having a race to the bottom and so far Kamala is winning.



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