GURVICH: The Democrat Party Is A Danger To Itself And Others

What has happened to the Democrat Party?

I have asked this question many times before, and with every passing day the answer becomes ever clearer- the Democrat Party has effectively become a tool of far-left socialist-progressives who seek the root and branch transformation of this country into a Marxist state. Simply put, the Democrat Party of today would be unrecognizable to Harry Truman, or Jack Kennedy, or Hubert Humphrey.

How could one of the two major American political parties so thoroughly disavow the founding principles and dearly held political traditions of the most successful nation in human history? And where does this leave the many millions of Democrats who do not share the socialist-progressive ideology of their party?

Good questions, to be sure, which bring me to my point: Right here in Louisiana, the math is so obvious that even the staunchest left wing socialist-progressive must admit that hundreds of thousands of Louisiana Democrats and independents consistently vote Republican.

If the majority of Louisianans already vote Republican in most of our major elections, then why is it so important to actually BE a registered Republican? Well, it just so happens that there are quite a number of reasons, which I’ll attempt to briefly sum up:

Firstly, there has never been a starker difference between the two major parties. One party has veered sharply leftward with no end in sight, while the other has provided a consistent and coherent message which has changed very little in recent decades. No one knows where the Democrats will end up ideologically, but they are already in a very dangerous place- they no longer love or respect our country and the ideals on which it was founded. In truth, they rarely say anything nice about America, and if they do you can be assured that a follow-on criticism will shortly be on the way. Anyone who remains a Democrat in today’s world implicitly supports this socialist-progressive ideology.

Secondly, the Republican Party stands for lower taxes, less government, and more individual freedom to live our lives as we choose. I mention these three fundamentals in the same paragraph because they are essentially one goal looked at from slightly different perspectives. Our Founders taught us to never trust government, and history has proved them right.

Thirdly, the Republican Party firmly supports a pro-market economy. In a pro-market economy the people make the decisions on what to purchase and when, but the socialist-progressive elite thinks it knows how to run the economy better than we do. Similar social experiments in other countries since the beginning of the 20th Century have all been tragic failures. America’s market driven economy created more wealth in that period of time than all the socialist economies in the rest of the world combined. Unfortunately, Joe Biden and virtually all senior Democrat elected officials have apparently forgotten this fact.

Finally, only the Republican Party has the strength, the will, and the national organization to successfully resist the tide of socialist-progressivism which now infects the Democrat Party. Minor parties’ members and independents don’t count for much on the Democrat scales of power in this culture war, and are ignored accordingly.


The last eleven months under the Joe Biden administration, with the even more disastrous Democrat control of both houses of Congress, have made it abundantly clear where the Democrats are heading. If you are uncomfortable remaining in the Democrat Party, or if you don’t feel that you can effectively resist the Democrat agenda as a member of a small party or as an independent, then please consider joining the Republican Party.

Since my chairmanship began, the LAGOP has added over a hundred thousand new members, and we will never stop campaigning for more Republicans. The stakes are much too high for us to lose this fight, and on behalf of the LAGOP, I extend a warm and sincere invitation to our fellow Louisianans to join us:

DEMOCRATS, MINOR PARTY MEMBERS & INDEPENDENTS: Make the change to “REPUBLICAN” now. No, you don’t have to agree with the Republican Party platform on every single issue. After all, we have differences among ourselves, and a vibrant internal political debate and differing points of view are part of our political heritage, unlike the progressive Democrats of today. But love of country and respect for our political institutions are the guiding hallmark of our party, and we understand and acknowledge the importance of maintaining the American market economy, which has made us by far the richest country in the world.

REPUBLICANS: Pass this message on to as many non-Republicans as you can, as soon as you can. It’s important!

P. S. Changing your party registration has never been easier. Simply go to

Louis Gurvich, Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana



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