APPEL: Pramila Jayapal Is Finally Right About Something

This week prominent Progressive Democrat Leader Pramila Jayapal, a congresswoman from Seattle, said that Democrats must pass Biden’s Build Back Better bill before the holidays because as the following year is an election year it may never pass.

But why would she say that? Haven’t Democrat leaders been saying that BBB passage would be widely appreciated by the people, and out of gratitude the people would sweep Democrats back into power at the mid-term elections.

For once Congresswoman Jayapal’s words are valid. The bill would likely fail if not passed by the end of the year. The simple fact is that though Progressives and their near cousins the Socialists do love what’s in the bill, everyday Americans understand what it means, and they fear the ramifications of its overreach.

The pocketbook problems that have already been brought on by Biden’s fumbling Administration would be exacerbated exponentially if BBB passes. Disposable income for ordinary Americans would be assaulted at work by slower salary growth and by less opportunity for advancement. And, though being swept under the rug by anxious Democrats, the people would face ever lower spending power ignited by the double consequence of higher taxes and inflation.

Americans are not as stupid as most Democrats in Congress hope they are. Ms. Jayapal, looking past her own radical ideology, understands that. If Democrats can pull off their malevolent effort to pass BBB, the results will backfire on them, and badly. They know that in retribution for their callous disregard of Americans, they will lose the majority in the House and maybe the Senate. Because of that, they are desperate to burden America with a violent swing to the left before they lose their power to.


In World War II their actions would have been called ritual suicide, that is they are willing to sacrifice all for the ideology that they have sworn to.

Coming from safe districts, the Pramila Jayapals in Congress are more than happy to see so many of their peers commit political suicide for her cause. But she knows that when they think about the personal sacrifice, they are being called on to make, to save their own seats in Congress many of these folks will lose their nerve and decide to vote against the radicals. Thus, she is desperate for passage before the political oven is turned on in 2022.

I would have never thought that I would agree with a neo-socialist, but in this case I do.



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