Omicron Might Be The End Of Our COVID Hysteria

It needs to be, because honestly we’ve hit Peak Stupid in government at this point and there is no further justification for giving these people any more power than they’ve had. Not over policy and not over your attention. We’ve lived in hysteria for basically two years and what’s clear now is what justification there was for it (an arguable proposition at best) is now completely exhausted.

I can say this, because yesterday I got the test results back and I’ve got it. I came down with it on Christmas Day, though it wasn’t until that night when I realized I had something. That night I couldn’t sleep. Splitting headache, chills and body aches, and on Sunday morning it felt like an exceptionally bad hangover.

By Monday evening that was all gone and now it’s just a lot of mucus and a wet cough. I feel like hell in the mornings, but at least I can sleep at this point. By lunchtime it feels like a lingering cold. And every day I can feel lit going away a bit more.

When I came down with this, I figured I needed to get hooked up with monoclonal antibodies, or find a doctor willing to prescribe me ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. But of course the CDC now says monoclonal antibodies don’t work against Omicron – why they’d say that, when they’ve not released a study of any kind that I’ve seen with respect to the effectiveness of treatments for COVID, is beyond me – and you can’t get the infusion in Louisiana anymore.

And as for ivermectin and HCQ, you pretty much have to go underground to get those. The public health bureaucrats and Big Hospital suits swear up and down that they don’t work. It’s funny how in Third World Countries, and now in Japan, when they’ve begun mass distribution of those drugs they’ve wiped out COVID, and here we’re in the middle of the biggest surge since this whole mess got started. But you’re supposed to listen to Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky and the rest of these creeps because they know what they’re talking about.

Because their track record is so immaculate.

I’m taking a ton of Vitamin C and D, I’m taking zinc tablets. I have this Flu Symptom Relief stuff from Walgreens – it’s a bunch of little vials full of this sugary powder you let dissolve in your mouth – and I’m hitting that three or four times a day. I’m taking Advil and echinacea and I’m eating chicken soup three times a day. And lots of water.

All of that has worked so far in knocking down the worst of the symptoms. But it’s beyond irritating that two years in I’m flying more or less blind, as are the tens of millions of others who have come down with COVID since this latest strain popped onto the scene, as to how to treat it.

A public health establishment which wasn’t abjectly worthless like ours is would have published, months ago, a common protocol for early treatment of COVID. “Take W, X, Y, and Z, do A, B, and C, and if that doesn’t work move to level two,” that kind of thing.

What would have been a whole lot more useful would have been, every time somebody popped positive for COVID, if you get a paper bag with drugs and supplements in it and instructions on a five-day course of treatment. “Do these things for the next five days and if you still haven’t beaten the virus contact your doctor.”


We don’t have any of that. Instead we have a bunch of moron politicians like John Bel Edwards berating everyone to take a vaccine which doesn’t prevent anyone from contracting COVID and doesn’t stop them from spreading it. The vaccine is essentially treatment, and it’s the only treatment they want to talk about.

Why would we listen to these people? Why would we listen to Catherine O’Neal, the quack from Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge who screeched this fall that people must either take the vaccine or they’d die? Does she sound like a credible medical professional? Three weeks after she offered that quote, in support of LSU requiring proof of vaccinations for fans attending football games, LSU dropped the requirement.

Edwards is set to have another one of his droning press conferences today, at which he’ll scold the people of Louisiana about how poorly we’re doing in stopping the spread of the virus. It’s been nearly two years and it’s obvious we can’t stop it. Of course we can’t. It’s a coronavirus. It spreads everywhere. This is known and it’s always been known.

Omicron is a natural vaccine. It’s a lousy few days and then you get better, and then you have immunity. Nobody should panic over it. We should accept it as the end of the COVID hysteria and we should be moving on. Getting back to normal.

And no longer listening to politician and bureaucrats bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies who have manipulated this crisis for maximum captive-market profits.

Enough already. The reckoning is overdue. If Edwards demands mask mandates or other stupid restrictions, say no. Refuse. Deny compliance. Resist.

Let’s go, Brandon.



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