VIDEO: On Hannity Last Night, Scalise Dunks Biden’s “Shut Down The Virus” Boast

This is a short two-and-a-half-minute clip of Scalise on Hannity last night, but it’s got a lot of punch to it and we figured we’d share it.

Largely because it relates to an American Spectator column which popped this morning, discussing the fact your author has what appears to be the Omicron variant

So it’s Omicron. Or maybe it isn’t. Honestly, this isn’t really all that bad. I’ve had sinus infections and the flu that were worse.

And this could be the flu. As I’ve been moping around the house waiting for the garbage-can-punch cocktail of vitamin supplements, zinc tablets, flu symptom medicine, Aleve, Airborne, and nasal rinses I’m counting on does its work to drive this off, I ran across this shocking bit of news:

The U.S. flu season has arrived on schedule after taking a year off, with flu hospitalizations rising and two child deaths reported.

Last year’s flu season was the lowest on record, likely because COVID-19 measures — school closures, distancing, masks and canceled travel — prevented the spread of influenza, or because the coronavirus somehow pushed aside other viruses.

“This is setting itself up to be more of a normal flu season,” said Lynnette Brammer, who tracks flu-like illnesses for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The childhood deaths, Brammer said, are “unfortunately what we would expect when flu activity picks up. It’s a sad reminder of how severe flu can be.”

During last year’s unusually light flu season, one child died. In contrast, 199 children died from flu two years ago, and 144 the year before that.

The flu “took a year off,” dontcha know. This is how stupid and dishonest the government-media-medical complex has become as 2021 comes to a close.

There was no flu anywhere in America once COVID came along. And this COVID strain, which is now 85 percent of all the cases around the country but feels just like the flu? Coincidence.

I’m winging it with treatment of whatever this is because two years into the COVID experience there is still no recognized and publicized early-treatment protocol in the United States, nor is there even a publicized government study of the efficacy of treatment options (much less a study of natural immunity, while other countries have published comprehensive ones), and every time something shows a bit of potential as a therapeutic treatment it gets dumped on. The latest among them appears to be monoclonal antibodies, which have apparently been taken off the market here in Louisiana right before I’d be up for taking an infusion:

The State Health Department announced it is pausing administration of most monoclonal antibody treatments due to the current dominance of the Omicron variant. The decision comes as a federal decision was made that the treatment is not effective against the new strain, which now makes up an estimated 84% of Louisiana cases per LDH.

The two antibody treatments offers were studied and found to not help though who came down with the more resilient strain.

The state is receiving a shipment of a different monoclonal antibody treatment, sotrovibmab, which appears to have some effect against Omicron. So far only 228 doses have been delivered, with a steady increase in deliveries expected in the near future.

The feds don’t seem to be interested in any COVID treatments other than to crap on their effectiveness. In the case of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, a pair of ubiquitously common antiviral medicines, which have been around for decades and have been prescribed to millions of people for various ailments with nearly no reported side effects, doctors are having their licenses put in jeopardy for prescribing them for COVID — despite dozens of studies overseas indicating they’re as effective against bad COVID symptoms as Dr. Fauci’s precious vaccine is.

You can hardly get ivermectin in Louisiana. If your primary care physician is affiliated with one of the major hospital groups in the state and you ask for it, you will get a look as though you’d showed him kiddie porn on your phone. They’ve been terrorized into blind rejection of ivermectin and HCQ.

Now monoclonal antibodies apparently don’t work, either, despite an almost universal positive review given by people who’ve had the infusions.

It’s enough to make one wonder if they don’t just want you to suffer.

Because all along, the only thing these people have had to say is “get the vaccine.”

I’ve never been opposed to vaccines. I’ve been suspicious enough of this one that I didn’t take it, for a couple of reasons. First, the process to bring it to market was rushed, which suggested caution as a prudent approach to taking Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA concoction. And second, I’ve never seen such obvious dishonesty from the government-media-medical complex as with the vaccines.

They don’t stop you from getting COVID. Nor do they stop you from spreading it. What kind of vaccine is that?

It reduces symptoms? Well, OK. By how much? More than monoclonal antibodies, HCQ, or ivermectin? What about budesonide or some of the other treatments the government-media-medical complex has dumped on?

More Americans are vaccinated now than ever before, and yet more Americans are turning up with COVID than ever before.

Shut down the virus? Biden shut down his presidency. He threw in the towel on COVID and went off to Delaware for a week’s vacation, saying that “there’s no federal solution” to “shutting down the virus.”


There may or may not be a federal solution. What we know is there is no Joe Biden solution. Joe Biden isn’t a solution to anything. Joe Biden is a sick joke, an imposter in an empty suit, a stuttering mouth where a brain belongs.

Scalise has been calling him out for some time. He’s beginning to get some reinforcements. He’ll get a lot more as 2022 progresses toward a midterm blowout election.

Here’s the clip…



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