It’s Happening Tonight In Metairie, And You’re Almost Out Of Time…

…to get your tickets to the last Hayride event of the year.

Our readers surely know by now that on Tuesday night, December 14, we’re going to be putting on that final Hayride event of the year at the usual place, Metairie Country Club. Consider this your invitation to join us there.

We’re working hard to make sure this is the best event we’ve put on to date. We’ve got a fantastic trio of speakers – Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta, Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder and national conservative pundit and investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield – lined up for the event. We’ll be talking about topics of major importance both at the state and national level, and we’ll be doing it at the right time. As everybody knows 2022 is a pivotal political year in American history, and it’s important to prepare for getting it right.

Our event is a great opportunity for the right folks to have that conversation. We’re looking forward to providing that forum.

But more than that, this is the final event of 2021, and it’s our last opportunity for the Hayride’s Comeback Tour to bear fruit.

As you know, we’ve had a nightmare of a time putting on events this year thanks to the COVID restrictions and mandates imposed by Gov. John Bel Edwards – meddling which has no scientific basis but makes it close to impossible to run our event schedule with any degree of professionalism. The Metairie event was supposed to happen on August 18, but we had to table it when Edwards reimposed a mask mandate. It’s not that we couldn’t have the event, it’s that when those restrictions get put in place they create confusion: nobody knows what the rules are, and as a result they just stay home. You can’t sell tickets.

But we’ve got an open window, even though it’s close to Christmas, and we want to take advantage.

We can’t run the Hayride on advertising revenue. The digital advertising networks have priced publishers like us out of the commercial advertising market. That’s why most of what you see on the site which isn’t obviously a network ad are banners for political candidates – the niche readership we have works for them during election season. It’s a tough sell for commercial advertisers. Because of that, we’ve got to monetize through events.

And with the government overreaction to COVID, that’s been almost impossible the last two years.

So it’s crucial for us to get a big crowd at the Metairie dinner. If you’re anywhere near the New Orleans area, please buy a ticket, or two, and join us on the 14th. They’re $80 apiece.

Or if you have a company or organization and you’d like to support our efforts to counter the lazy, leftist bias of the Advocate and other legacy media organs in Louisiana and elsewhere, table sponsorships to the Metairie event are available for $1500. Those table sponsorships are crucial to the success of these events, and they’re literally a lifeline to keeping The Hayride going. Our sponsors are heroes for the conservative side in this state, if we can be so bold as to tout our contribution to it.

The Metairie event might be the last one for a while, also. We haven’t made plans for a tour next year with all the potential stupidity we can envision from our state government. There’s yet another “variant” out there, after all. So it might be the spring before another event goes onto the calendar.

That’s why we’d love to see you folks at Metairie Country Club on Dec. 14, and we look forward to offering a blowout of an event. The cocktail hour will start at six, and dinner and the program will happen just after seven.

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