BAYHAM: SCOTUS Strikes A Blow For Liberty, Against Mandate

By a 6-3, the “sometimes conservative” majority on the US Supreme Court struck down the Biden Administration’s arbitrary COVID vaccine mandate imposed upon entities employing 100 or more workers.

The issue is far greater than the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that is still hobbling the world both in health care and economically but whether an arbitrary federal order compelling the compliance of individuals could unilaterally apply to private companies, and by extension all of American society as the creep of statism tends to become a mad dash upon the normalization of precedent.

What is going on in Europe should serve as a cautionary warning of what lurks across the ocean as their social restrictions make the onerous vax regulations in leftist bastions such as New York City look like west Texas by comparison.

In Europe there is an app known as the Green Pass, which has a verifiable QR code attached to it that links the individual with their vaccination status.

Some states and cities have something similar, including Louisiana which has the LA Wallet app, as an alternative to the brittle and dogeared white paper card that doesn’t fit that well in a standard sized wallet.

However in Italy you must produce this app to essentially function in society.

Even when riding public transportation.

While trying to board a subway in Naples in December, an armed police officer insisted on seeing my “green pass” (I showed my white card).

While standing on a rail platform, three police officers approached passengers demanding to see our “papers”. As you can imagine word about America not having a similar “Green Pass” tied into a system to ensure that it’s valid didn’t make it to all quarters and the befuddled security personnel tried to make heads or tails of my document before then demanding I show my passport, which they then photographed.

At this point I thought I was going to be taken away until they got it straightened out but they relented.  For the next ten minutes I watched this scene play out with other passengers, something I thought that only existed in movies centered in totalitarian countries.


I even had issues checking into hotels as the clerk at one destination had never seen the white card before and almost refused me access to my prepaid hotel room.

At another hotel I curiously watched the clerk try to do math in her head while staring at my card. Wondering why this was so complicated as she only needed to count up to two since I had received both vaccine shots, she informed me that their law mandates that the last vaccination shot had to have been administered in the previous 9 months.

I had similar experiences while accessing museums, churches, and restaurants. Even McDonald’s has a COVID “maitre d” checking for the Green Pass.  Another spot refused to sell me pizza because she doubted the veracity of the information on the card.

Thankfully America is not Europe (granted by a slight margin of two justices) though we should pay close attention to what’s happening across the pond and be prepared to fight against these arbitrary regulations when the Democrats inevitably begin to push this here.



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