BLANCO: March Of The Dim Ones

“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether a man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite” – Thomas Jefferson

I look at things that are happening today and it gives me great cause for concern – while at the same time, I remain quite optimistic about the future. One needs only to look back at the elections of 1980 and 1984 when Reagan won 46 states and 49 states respectively. Despite my optimism, I was in for a shock when I read that more people identify as a Republican than Democrat.  In the one year that Pendejoe has taken the oath of office, there has been a 14 point swing towards the GOP. I personally don’t recall ever seeing a national poll that showed more people self-identifying as Republicans over the Democrats. Apparently, it happened in 1995 as well.

While I find the poll to be shocking, I don’t expect the trend to stop. Of course, the blame falls on Pendejoe’s shoulders as he is the leader of the party. To rectify this, Biden’s handlers seek a “reset” on his presidency while at the same time boasting of his great first year.

Oh, goody goody gum drops. This year was so awesome, I need the President to tell me how great it was.

With much less sarcasm, I say goody goody gum drops to Pendejoe getting out in front of the public more often and reading off his teleprompter directly to the American public. I don’t take the midterm elections for granted and welcome with open arms Pendejoe’s help.

Still, I have to wonder why they want to send this gaffe machine out into the public. They’ve carefully hidden him from public view for the better part of two years. Have they really explored all avenues? I suppose it is better than putting him in a skirt and lecturing us how he looks stunning and brave for doing it. At least it will keep his base from criticizing him.  Don’t laugh, they may actually be saving that for when the polls get really bad.

It’s hard to imagine that anybody can dip below 33% approval. In hockey, baseball, and basketball, even the worst teams typically win 33% of their games.  And yet the Pendejoe administration persists in setting all-time records for lowest approval numbers.

It’s a great mistake to assume that other people are stupid. Most people are smart in their own right. They might not know the things you do, but in their own way, they know things we don’t know. This is one of the biggest problems with this administration, they assume people are stupid. They assume that people don’t know that murders are increasing in their cities. They assume that people will never think about what they are being told about Covid, and they’ll continuously forget. They assume that people will jump on board in changing how we vote by nationalizing the election after those very same people told us how 2020 was the most secure election. If it were so secure, why nationalize the elections? They believe they can tell the people whatever they want and the people are too stupid to question it, and if they dare do so, they seek retribution. This isn’t leadership, and the people know it.


However, the poll wasn’t about Pendejoe’s approval, but rather that people are leaving the Democrat party for the Republican party. So why is that? I suspect that’s because the majority of Democrats voted for Pendejoe because they were rejecting the policies of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but despite their votes, they got it. They also soundly rejected Kamala Harris, but they got her too, just a heartbeat away from being the leader of the party. Republicans didn’t vote for this, Americans who voted for Joe thought they were getting moderate Joe who would bring back normalcy, and Democrats didn’t think they were getting socialism out of Biden.

Unfortunately for those moderate Democrat voters, there is no room in the party for them. Look across the landscape and see the elected Democrats who are criticizing Biden for being too socialist. Even Sinema agrees with prioritizing nationalizing the election leaving Manchin as the lone Democrat who dares to exist as a moderate. Where is the “moderate” John Bel Edwards to speak out against this? Where is the moderation as the extreme left continues their march of the dim ones? And that’s exactly what’s remaining in the Democrat party, dim ones marching into fantasyland where they know everything, purging those with common sense from the Democrat party, and turn all power of the people over to the elite.

With this absence of leadership, what is a moderate supposed to do? When you have nothing left in common with the party you long affiliated with, then it becomes time to play the terminator and say Hasta la vista baby, I won’t be back.

Unfortunately for those moderate Democrats who want to hold on to hopes that the leadership will come to their senses and move back to the center, they’ll be waiting a long time. They are being led by people who think their followers are stupid, and they treat them as such, with expectations of loyalty no matter what.



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