BLANCO: The Orphan Named The Democrat Party

I’ve been pulling out my cerebral Uzi a lot lately because so much of the quotes I learned and historical lessons seem so relevant today. I think back to William Pitt: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves”. You must surrender some of your freedom, it’s necessary. We have to have this power, it’s necessary. It’s necessary that we count the votes from now on, because if the votes are counted by independent sources, we can never win again.

And then there are those who argue against freedom, such as cruel dictator Josef Stalin: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Once you give a tyrant central control over elections, your vote no longer matters. Your voice no longer matters. Your life no longer matters. And if you think being on that side gives you value, one only needs to remember that there have been thousands, if not millions, who gave their loyalty to such tyrants only to find a torturous end with the only evidence that they ever existed tucked away in a mass grave somewhere. While they act like they are sympathetic to weaker men, the truth is, they have zero compassion for weaker men. They encourage weakness, as it makes it easier for them to rule.

What side of history does Pendejoe Biden side with? Does he side with William Pitt? Or does he side with a man who starved an entire country during the Holodomor? Let his own words speak for itself.

Once you centralize power, there is no turning back to freedom. Once you give them control of the elections, there is no “try it out and if we don’t like it we vote back the power”. The good news is that vast majority of people want to continue voter ID as it is no different than requiring an ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and other products. It is no different than requiring a driver’s license to drive. Furthermore it is no different than requiring a Vaccination ID in order to eat, as many proponents of removing the Voter ID wish to require of us all.

If you want to hear some good news, it is this – that this is unravelling before our very eyes. Pendejoe is increasingly becoming unhinged and the more he loses it, the more people will turn away from him. Though I haven’t seen poll numbers on nationalizing elections and removing the filibuster, this more than likely has very little support.

There is another basic truth in life that success has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan. The reality is, while Pendejoe is going to end up taking the whole blame, the entire Democrat party is responsible for this. Do you hear John Bel Edwards speaking out against this devastating reform? Any Democrat other than Sinema and Manchin?  The latest brainiac idea they have is to send every American a single use N95 mask to save lives. For what? A whole day? Is there any common sense left in that party? I believe there is, and they’re still leaving and will continue to leave once they are too embarrassed by what the priorities of the party are that they can no longer stomach it.


And if you think people can’t be won over or that they are too locked into their beliefs, think about this: CNN’s ratings dropped even further the first week of 2022, down 90% from last year’s high. At the rate they’re purging viewers, The Hayride will have better ratings than CNN by next year, and this site isn’t even on a network.

Take a look at your newsfeed on Facebook and see what a boring place it has become. Refresh it, and it’s the same thing you just saw. People are leaving Mark Zuckerberg’s platform and opting for any number of alternative sources where information flows much more freely, and still Biden Calls For Social Media Companies To INCREASE Censorship (

Think how far the Democrat party has fallen. At the turn of the century, Democrats used to get mad and tell people “Don’t question my patriotism!” and now accusing them of being patriotic and loving America causes great offense among them and for your own personal safety, you don’t dare accuse them of caring about America.

We win people over by appealing to their intellect while the Democrat party continues their path of absurdity. We win people over by treating people decently, while the Democrats push the narrative of demagoguery.  There is plenty of reason to be optimistic.



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